11 Habits of People With Really Clean and Organized Homes

11 habits of people with really clean and organized homes

Did you know that simple habits can transform a disorganized home into something clean and organized all the time? Well, in my case, at least most of the time (LOL). Yeah, I am still working on being organized.

I actually discovered the secret to cleanliness and organization at home. In general, everything just needs to have its own place. That concept is really good because it also makes things easier to find, even if they’re hidden – because you always know where they are.

If you are not that organized, don’t lose hope, because it can be learned. Yes, habits can be learned (and unlearned) with practice.

I have put down a list of habits that can make cleaning and organizing the house easier. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll really like the result.

Keep Things On the Same Spot All the Time

This habit is every important, especially when dealing with little things, because small objects can be very hard to find when misplaced.

So, make it a habit to return things where they belong – in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in drawers, in cabinets, etc. Just have a place for everything – and after using certain things, return them at once after use.

Now, if for some reason you forgot (or got lazy) to return things where they belong, this can still be done at the end of the day. Me, I allot the last 10 minutes of the day to pick things up around the house – put them back in their proper places before I go to bed. So the next morning, I can be sure that everything’s in its proper place again.

Organize Your Papers

Papers and documents can be a clutter too, and it can make your place look untidy. If you’re still receiving mail at home, make sure that you sort them right away and not wait for them to pile up.

Bills are very important, so these should have a place where you won’t forget them. But if you get junk mail, put them in the trash or recycle bin right away.

Recently, I cancelled a newspaper subscription because I found that they were just piling up. I am always on the Internet and I can see news online. I barely have time to look at the newspaper anymore and you know news is already old news the next day.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

Unnecessary stuff should not be in your home, ok? These things are called junk. Well, except for seasonal items and important documents, those other things that you don’t really use should be disposed of.

I am talking about old clothes, old toys and even furniture that you no longer want. These things are just taking up space in your home – space that should be taken up by things that you’re really using and things that you want.

Useful stuff that are still in good condition can be sold in garage sale or you can just give them away.

Label Your Things

Labeling is a great way to organize paper works in folders and filing cabinets. If you’re storing things in storage boxes, it’s also a good idea to use labels. This works well for seasonal stuff like Christmas decors, summer/ winter decorations, birthday decors, etc.

Put Away Things After Shopping

It can be tiring to come home from shopping. You can relax as you get home, of course, but please don’t leave things just lying around. As soon as you catch your breath, put everything in their proper places – in cabinets, cupboards or shelves. This way, everything will be in order before going to bed and you won’t wake up to clutter and mess.

Don’t Bring Unnecessary Things Inside Your House

As much as possible, only have household items inside your home. Your other stuff can be in the garage. Or better yet, have a storage area for your outdoor stuff like lawn mower, tools, etc. You don’t want to clutter up your garage too.

Make Things Easy and Convenient for Everyone

Having a clean and organized home is a team effort, so every member of your family should be willing to help. Having said that – you should also make this easy for every member of your household.

So if you want to have a clutter free kitchen, for example, make sure that all kitchen appliances are in their proper places – whether on top of the counter or inside the cupboard. Also, all the accessories related to a certain appliance should also be positioned nearby.

Work as a Family

Like I always say, your family should work as a team if you want to have a really organized home that’s easy to maintain. Kids should be trained and taught at a young age to be tidy. Sure they can play all they want, but their toys should be put in storage boxes at the end of the day. You know this isn’t hard, so it’s all good training.

Part of keeping things neat and organized is to have a place for everything. So make it a point that members of your family are getting rid of stuff that they are no longer using.

Have Shelves, Baskets and Organizers

If you really must have all these things in your home, at least have specific places for them. Shelves function well as storage places because you can have easy access to things. Having organizers is also good, especially if you have a workplace at home. And of course, baskets and bowls are multifunctional as they can hold your accessories in a nice presentation.

Have a Regular Routine

Letting things pile up or having a lot of clutter to pick up and store at the end of the day can be overwhelming. I therefore suggest organizing and cleaning as you go about your day. You see this technique in fast food restaurants – the people are often multitasking – clearing things up and cleaning up as they go. That’s the idea.

Have a Table at the Entry Way

What do you normally do when you get home? Put down some of your stuff, I’m sure.

So, to avoid clutter and not to lose things, have a table or a dresser near your front door. Members of your family can leave their keys, purses, cell phones and other accessories there as they enter your house.

Have Fun Organizing Your Home

So there – develop those habits and being organized in your home will become a natural habit. It may be a little hard at first, but you’ll get used to it. And the results will really make you happy.

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