12 Everyday Home Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

12 everyday home cleaning hacks you should know

Home cleaning hacks make our lives easier and more productive. Aside from being cost effective, such techniques can also be done quickly and easily.

In one of my posts, I told you about different ways on how to use vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting. This time, I am going to tell you about neat tricks on how to clean stuff around the house from silverware to bathtub stains to vomit and more.

Cleaning Up Vomit with Vacuum

Ok, let’s start with one of the most gruesome of all messes – vomit. Aside from being messy, this stuff is also smelly. So it’s not only important to remove vomit from an affected area, the odor has to be removed too. And what if someone vomits on the carpet? That can be pretty hard to clean, right?

Since I sometimes have visitors in my house, I learned this neat trick on how to effectively clean vomit from carpets (and sometimes, sofas). Friends sometimes bring children (and pets) and such types of mess can be unavoidable.

So here’s what I do. I make a paste of baking soda by mixing it with water (remember, the consistency should be like paste). I then spread this mixture on the affected area and let it stand and dry up. Ideally, I would suggest doing this overnight so that the odor can be absorbed really well.

In the morning, you will find that everything has dried up. The paste has actually merged with the vomit and everything (including the unpleasant odor) can be vacuumed normally.

Polishing Silver Utensils

Silver utensils are quite hard to maintain because these are prone to tarnishing and discoloration. Sure, you can use metal polishers to bring back their shine, but we all know polishers contain chemicals and silverware come into contact with our food. That’s why I use safe (homemade) metal polishers for my silverware.

So first, get a large flat dish (like a baking dish) and line this up with foil. Put 1/2 cup of table salt and ½ cup of baking soda into the dish and then fill it up with hot water. Stir the mixture to make sure that the salt and baking soda are mixed and blended well.

Now just put all your silverware into the dish and let them soak for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Like magic, all the discoloration and tarnish will be gone from the silverware and all you really have to do is rinse them up under running water. Wipe them dry too, as a way to buff them up.

Bathtub Ring and Stain Remover

When I see rings in my bathtub, I don’t use chemicals to clean the stains off. I use grapefruit! Try this cleaning hack and you’ll love it.

Just cut a grapefruit in half and put salt on the open sides. Next, wet the bathtub and sprinkle additional salt on the areas with rings and stains. Now, use the halved fruit as bathtub scrubber and the juice and salt will make the stains disappear.

Since grapefruit is a citrus fruit, it contains acidic components that can clean and sanitize. So you see, even microscopic germs can be killed with this cleaning procedure.

Rinse the bathtub with water to thoroughly clean it. Your tub will always smell fresh and clean if you do this regularly.

Soap Scum Remover

Soap scum can invade our bathrooms and can be very hard to clean. But I have a cleaning technique that not only works but is chemical-free as well.

I use cooking spray when I cook food, and I found out that this works as soap scum remover too (LOL). You see, oil can melt hardened soap build-up, so you can simply wipe the scum off instead of having to scrub.

So here’s what you should do. Spray cooking oil on the walls of your bathroom (even on portions without soap scum) and also on the shower door. Allow the oil to penetrate through the soap buildup (about 5 minutes or so).

Next, use soapy water to wash off the substance from the surfaces and the soap scum will be washed away too. Then dry up the walls and shower door with a clean cloth.

Glass Dish Cleaner

If you’re always baking stuff in your oven, you will soon find your baking dish cloudy. You can revitalize any type of glass bakeware by lightly scrubbing it with crumpled foil and a bit of dish soap. This technique will bring back life and shine to your glass baking dish.

Oven Cleaner

If bakeware can get dirty with frequent baking, imagine how your oven can look like after a while. If not cleaned regularly, oil and remnants of food build-up can stick on the sides and bottom of your oven. But I have a simple and quick solution to this.

Get a small bowl and fill this up with about half a cup of pure ammonia. Place this inside a cold oven overnight and its vapor will loosen up hard particles of food build-up and other stubborn dirt inside the oven.

The next day, you can easily wipe off the dirt from your oven. Also, wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth and a drop of dish soap and leave the oven door open for ventilation (you don’t want any of that ammonia smell in your oven).

Coffee and Spice Grinder Cleaner

Do you own an all-around coffee and spice grinder? Although we like the smell of coffee and spices, we don’t want their mixed odors to stay in the grinder.

Since this type of kitchen appliance can be pretty hard to clean, we can clean it by using it. Yeah, this technique is not only effective, it can be done in minutes too.

Since bread can absorb odor, you can grind bread so as to get rid of coffee and spice odor. You can also use uncooked white rice for this, since it also works in the same way.

You can also throw in a tablespoon of baking soda while grinding bread or uncooked rice, because this is also a deodorizer and cleansing agent.

Barbeque Grill Cleaner

A barbeque grill in yet another cooking device that can be difficult to clean. Since the grills will come into contact with food, we don’t want to use cleaners with chemicals in them.

I love barbeques. In fact, I always throw a barbeque when my team is working on home renovation projects. Somehow, the smell of barbeque seems to inspire all of us to do a good job (LOL).

So anyway, to clean the barbeque grills, I cut an onion in half and rub this on the hot grills. You can use a fork or a pair of tongs to do this. The grills need to be hot, don’t forget that.

Onions contain cleansing agents, that’s why it makes for a good (and natural) cleaner. To avoid having hardened food on the grates, I perform this cleaning technique before and after cooking barbeque. Oh, and it adds extra flavor to whatever’s cooking too!

Blender Cleaner

Blenders can be tricky to clean because you can get cut by the blades if you’re not careful. Actually, even if you’re careful, you can still accidentally cut yourself. So I suggest staying away from those blades as much as possible.

I love my blender and I always make smoothies – that’s why I had to figure out a way to clean my blender without getting injured. So now I am sharing my technique with you.

First of all, make it a point that you clean your blender right after using it. Rinse it first so that you can get the leftover ingredients off the blades and off the sides of the jar.

Fill the jar with warm water and add a drop of dish soap to this, then blend it. Think of it as blending soapy water (LOL). Just turn on the machine for a few seconds to clean the jar.

Now that your blender is clean and free from food residue, give it a final rinse with clean water.

Quickly Dry Wet Shoes, Bags and Gloves

A lot of us have to deal with wet shoes every now and then. When it’s raining or snowing, it’s almost inevitable to have wet shoes and wet gloves. Wet bags are quite common too, or sometimes you just accidentally spill something inside it.

Well, I have good news – newspapers can help quickly dry up wet shoes, gloves and bags! Just crumple some pages up and fill your shoes, gloves or bag with it. Newspapers are just very absorbent.

Another trick is to use a sachet of uncooked rice. Just wrap some uncooked rice on a thin cloth and this will again absorb all the moisture from its immediate environment. It will no longer be useful after this, so it will have to be discarded afterwards.

Grease Remover

This is a common problem with children – greasy fingerprints can make your walls look really bad and icky. But worry not, moms and dads, because all you need is a chalk to clean up this mess.

Use white chalk to cover the affected areas on the walls and the chalk will absorb all the grease in just a few minutes. When you wipe the wall with a damp cloth, all the greasy stuff will also come off.

Ceiling Fan Cleaner

You can actually use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the blades on the ceiling fan. You know, vacuum cleaners typically come with attachments that let you reach high places.

If you’re using plain cloth to wipe away dust from ceiling fans, you know that dust can fly around the air. You can at least use damp cloth to avoid this.

Another neat trick I recently discovered is to use an old pillowcase. I simply insert 1 blade at a time inside the pillowcase and wipe it from the inside. So, the dust will be trapped inside the pillowcase and not get scattered around the room.

More Cleaning Hacks Coming Up

For those of you who are asking me for more cleaning hacks, just watch these pages as I post more cleaning techniques in the future. Or if you have suggestions, like your own cleaning hacks, you can leave a comment below.

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