20 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

Just as the body can be detoxified from pollutants and chemical contamination, the mind can be detoxified from negative thoughts and energy too. That is through meditation – an ancient practice that has continued to amaze, impress, and intrigue people up to today.

I, myself, do meditation techniques – Just 10 minutes or so a day. And I have noticed great improvements on my disposition and overall health because of it. No, it’s not just my imagination. I have recorded my progress for many years now and I just know it works.

There are also scientific proofs to back up the benefits of meditation. In fact, young adults and even war veterans have been known to improve their condition and state of mind when engaging in meditation techniques regularly.

One thing is for sure, we are living in a world of chaos, confusion, and pollution – things that we have no control over. But through the practice of meditation, we can control how we react to these negative conditions and situations positively.

Yes, that’s possible. In the process, we can also become healthier, happier, and more productive with our lives.

So, without further ado, here are 20 reasons why you should meditate.

Reason #1 – Do it for the Health Benefits

Just as a stressed out mind and body can make you sick, so can a relaxed and well controlled mind can make you healthy. Since meditating can relieve the body of stress, it can also strengthen the immune system. You won’t easily get sick if you have a strong immunity. And if you do get sick, your body will be able to recover quickly.

Studies show that meditation can also help increase your threshold for pain. Discomforts and other negative physical sensations can be alleviated by using the power of the mind to remove attention from the current pain.

Reason #2 – For Happiness…

A relaxed mental state lowers the production of the destructive stress hormone called cortisol. It also follows that getting rid of stress means alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety too. Those things can affect your happiness, obviously, so you really want to get them out of your system.

With less production and presence of cortisol in your body, you will have a more positive mental state. This, of course, will affect your emotions, reactions and overall outlook in life. In short – it will make you happy!

Reason #3 – To Improve Your Social Life

Although meditation can be a solitary activity, it can also be a group activity. It’s really up to you. I usually engage in solitary meditation because I find that meditating first thing in the morning is the best approach for me. Every once in a while, however, I also attend group activities on meditation with friends who share the same interest. It can be fun group activity, actually.

Whatever the case may be, it will still improve your social life in general. First of all, it can be lonely to always be alone. No man is an island, remember? So you really need to spend some time with good friends every now and then even if you are a typical loner.

Also, meditation will give you a sense of connection not only with the universe but with the people around you too. And since you feel good about yourself, you will also feel more confident to mingle and go out with other people.

Reason #4 – Target: Brain Development

Studies show that your brain will literally increase through the practice of regular meditation. Just as a shrinking brain is a sign of deterioration, a growing brain is a sign of good mental health.

Research shows that parts of the brain continue to develop even after the brain development stages are over. A healthy brain gets nourished not only by the food we eat but by the thoughts we feed on it too.

Studies even show significant development on the part of the brain that triggers emotion and reaction to pain. As I previously said, meditation can help ease the symptoms of pain. Also, practitioners of meditation are more in control of their emotions.

Reason #5 – It Improves Productivity

If you’re like me, you like multi-tasking too. I believe a lot of people nowadays are into multi-tasking because we feel the need to accomplish a lot of things all at once. And frankly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I actually think it’s a good thing to accomplish a lot of things all at once. Yeah, I’m a big fan of productivity!

The only problem with multi-tasking, if you are not too organized, is that you can forget some things or lose focus on the task at hand. Now that can really slow you down.

I can personally testify that regular meditation can improve your memory and make you more focused as well. When I became a regular practitioner of meditation, I became more organized and my attention to detail greatly improved.

“Aha moments” have also become a regular part of my life as my creativity greatly improved too. I really need to think outside the box with my line of work, you know.

It’s also a good thing that having a well focused mind allows you to come up with solutions to problems more easily. Yep, you will always see the glass half full instead of half empty and respond to negative situations more positively.

Reason #6 – It Makes You Wiser and Smarter

You will benefit from meditation even if you are already wise and smart. That’s because this practice can make you wisER and smartER still!

Consider the practice of meditation as a form of maintaining mental hygiene. If you keep your mind free from junk, it will be healthier.

Studies show that we have all been victims of wrong programming since childhood as we were exposed to unwanted criticisms, teasing, peer pressure, and even bullying.

With regular meditation, you can find out who you really are and appreciate the person that you are – you, with your many talents and skills and own personal beauty! A-huh, all those things will be uncovered when you engage in meditation.

And so, by knowing the person that you really are, you will have a better perspective in life. A wiser and smarter person always gets ahead than everybody else, we all know that.

Reason # 7 – To Improve Your Quality of Life

When you improve the quality of your mind, you will also improve the quality of your life. It’s as simple as that.

Once you learn how to control your mind and your thoughts, you will know how to better respond to situations.

This is really important because it spells the difference between being miserable and being happy. A happy outlook in life will surely benefit you to the fullest.

Reason #8 – Really, It’s VERY Easy

A lot of things have been written on meditation that some people can get the impression that it’s very complicated. Well, let me tell you that it definitely is not complicated. In fact, it’s VERY EASY to meditate.

Do you need to master the lotus position and remain motionless while meditating? You can do that, but it’s not a requirement. You can just sit on a comfortable couch and meditate – that’s all there is to it.

No, I don’t recommend lying down because you just might fall asleep. There’s actually a good chance that you’ll fall asleep if you decide to lie on the bed because meditating is really a very relaxing activity. So if your goal is to meditate and not to go to sleep, then meditate and don’t go to sleep!

Reason #9 – You Don’t Need a Lot of Time

For some reason, people always say they don’t have time to do this or to do that. I often hear that from people who make up excuses on why they don’t exercise too (but that’s for another blog post LOL).

The truth is, you have time. We all have 24 hours in a day and that gives each and everyone of us 1,440 minutes each, no exception. Come on, don’t tell me you can’t spare 10 minutes of your time to meditate, if you really want to. That still leaves you with 1,430 minutes per day!

I actually started with 1-minute meditations when I was just starting out. I just wanted to test it out, know how it feels, and allow myself not to be threatened by it. And now, I’m regularly meditating 10 minutes (at least) per day.

Some of my friends are so into meditation that they can spend 1 to 2 hours in the blissful activity. Yes, that’s how fulfilling it is, and I really understand why they would allot that much time for it. It shows in their aura, too – they are happy, relaxed, and very successful with their careers.

Reason #10 – No Special Rituals Required

If you think you need any special rituals in order to meditate, you’re probably watching too much TV (LOL). Yes, you can chant, if that’s your thing. But it’s NOT a requirement, ok? Well, I don’t chant…

I like keeping quiet when I am meditating. When I lose myself into meditation, I appreciate the sound of chirping birds in the background and the gentle humming of bees (yes, sometimes there are bees in the garden). Even the sound of a quiet wind can be very soothing.

Some of my friends feel more comfortable and relaxed when they utter a 1-syllable sound like “ommmm.” So it’s really up to you.

Reason #11 – It’s Very Flexible

The rules of meditation are really very flexible because there are no strict rules at all. If you can’t sit still and are prone to fidgeting, then allow yourself to do that. Really, there is no reason for you to be too hard on yourself especially when meditating (that would be defeating the purpose, wouldn’t it?).

At the start, you will still feel awkward about sitting still, and that’s only natural. Trust me, in time, you will feel more comfortable with the whole set up. Eventually, there will be less fidgeting as you become more relaxed and more comfortable with the activity.

What? You still can’t get yourself to sit on a chair for just a few minutes? Ok, you can go out for a walk instead.

Yes, you can meditate while walking too. Just make sure that your earphone is not hooked onto your iPhone and that you are communing with nature as you walk.

For this technique, I would advise going somewhere where there are no distractions. You need to be creative with this – find an unpopulated beach or go to the park very early in the morning. That should do it!

Your goal is to quiet your mind and to be one with nature. That’s what meditation is all about.

Reason #12 – You Can Expect Dramatic Effects

Meditating is a proven life changing technique and it has changed a lot of people’s lives. It could change yours too.

Big effects can be expected because a lot of positive things can result from the method. No, you won’t change as a person, but your personality will improve as your mood and perspective in life take on a better turn. Because of this, it is safe to say that people will like you more too.

Also, because of the stress relieving benefits of meditating, your health will also greatly improve. Such improvements include better sleeping patterns, more regulated appetite, and just an overall better health.

If you have been prone to headaches due to stress and tension, expect relief from this condition too. A relaxed mind and body is simply not prone to disease.

The dramatic effects of meditation can be mostly experienced by those who are overly stressed out, overworked, tired, and sick. Your condition will greatly improve by simply including meditation in your daily routine.

Reason #13 – Yeah, It’s Trendy and It’s Cool

Fortunately, it’s not so weird anymore when people find out that you’re into meditation. Although there was a time when this activity was considered a little queer, a lot of people have opened their minds to it and are now considering it a healthy practice.

Come to think of it, there’s nothing weird about sitting down and breathing deeply. A lot of people actually think that it’s kinda cool, especially now that celebrities are doing it too.

Just as other health methods are considered trendy nowadays, so is meditating. We like it because of its many health benefits. Yeah, these days, being healthy is trendy too! LOL

Reason #14 – Heads Up! It’s for Everyone!

Like I said, the practice of meditation is now accepted in modern times. It used to be associated with hippies and hippie movements but it’s no longer like that.

This method is now backed by science and it’s being used in alternative medicine. A lot of studies have been conducted for centuries revolving this technique and it’s proven helpful in alleviating symptoms of diseases.

Although there are no sufficient evidences to conclude that it can really treat and prevent diseases, case studies and personal testimonies are very convincing. That’s why health buffs are opening their minds to this method and are trying it out.

Reason #15 – Save on Money and Save Yourself Too

Let’s face it, getting sick is not only debilitating, it can also be downright expensive. Not to mention that it can be a killer too.

Stress, depression, and anxiety have all been linked to killer diseases such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart attacks. Mental problems can even lead to suicide.

You can save money on treatments for both physical and mental illnesses and even save yourself from suicidal thoughts when you are relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

Reason #16 – You Will Become a Better Person

You become a better person when you are more patient and tolerant amidst negative circumstances. I have observed myself and my friends in this – and I have noticed that we have all improved our behavior ever since we started meditating.

Meditation can bring about an internal balance and this makes you so much nicer and calmer. Those are the exact opposite of being angry, aggressive, and quarrelsome all the time.

Reason #17 – It’s Great with Exercise

Meditation is a great accompaniment to exercise because it allows you to work out more effectively. For one, you will feel less stressed out, so even the process of exercising becomes easier. Furthermore, your muscles won’t feel tensed as you exercise, so the risk for injury is also low.

I also mentioned in Reason #1 that meditating reduces pain and we all know that exercising can lead to sore muscles and other types of discomforts. Now, I am not telling you to over exercise or to go beyond your limit just because you are meditating. No, no, no… that’s not the way to do it. All I’m saying is that you are at a much greater liberty to take on new fitness challenges when you are physically and mentally fit.

Reason #18 – It Helps Build Better Relationships

Did you know that relationship counselors recommend meditating to couples who are having problems with their relationships? The reason for this is that practitioners of meditation are more level-headed and considerate of their partner’s feelings.

Also, remember what I said about improving your focus? If you are physically present but mentally absent when your partner is talking to you, uh-oh – that spells BIG trouble. So if you are both focused, relaxed, AND cooperative, chances for disagreements will be low.

Reason #19 – For Better Grades and Better Work Performance

Students who practice meditation have reported to have better attention spans than those who don’t meditate. With improved memory and presence of mind, students reported to get high grades just because they included meditating in their daily routine.

It’s the same thing in the workplace. Employees who meditate at home or even at their workstation during break time experience a sense of calmness to make them better handle issues on the job. This is especially beneficial to those in customer service as they often need to deal with irate customers and need A LOT of patience.

Reason #20 – Are You Looking for the Fountain of Youth?

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth – and it really appears that the art of meditation is one such thing. Experiments have been conducted on this method’s age defying benefits and the results are amazing.

It has been found on the participants of the experiments that practitioners of meditation have younger biological age than those who don’t meditate regularly. Now that says a lot, and it’s really not hard to believe.

Brain deterioration, for example, is linked to old age. That’s why diseases like Alzheimer ’s Disease and Dementia are common to people who are getting old.

Remember what I said about the benefits of meditation to having healthy brain? That means you will be less prone to brain deterioration as you get older too.

So yeah, it’s really like a fountain of youth. That’s why I like it!

The Great Body and Mind Connection

In my own experience, I can say that meditation has improved my body and mind connection. I am more aware of what’s going on inside my body and I can control my mind, thoughts, and reactions to situations as well.

You can ask my Australian Stud Muffin and he will testify that I am indeed more patient and organized since I started meditating. My instincts and gut feelings have also become better and those are always helpful especially in emergency situations.

Should You Meditate?

I really think you should. Studies show that regular meditation can help with health issues like sleeping problems, eating problems, and even heart problems and other killer diseases.

Still having second thoughts? Do it with me now and I will guide you through it. Ready?

Breathe in for 5 seconds…

Hold your breath for another 5 seconds…

Now breathe out for 5 seconds…

Repeat for 1 minute.

Congratulations! You have just practiced the art of meditation for 1 minute. That didn’t hurt at all did it? I am sure it actually feels good.

So, the next time you do it, sit on a comfortable couch and close your eyes. Soon you’ll be ready for longer sessions! 🙂

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