20 Simple DIY Bedroom Décor Lights String Ideas

20 simple diy bedroom decor lights string ideas

Don’t you just love light strings? These are very pleasing to the eyes and can make a place look festive too. It’s the reason why this type of décor is often used during the Holidays.

But hey, light strings are not just for Christmas season, you can actually use it every day. Yeah, these lights give decorative effects indoors and outdoors all throughout the year.

I even use light strings in the bedroom. It really gives the room a different appeal – it’s cozy, relaxing and romantic, all at the same time.

Because I like you, I will give you 20 light string ideas for your own bedroom. Give these a try and let me know what you think. But I just know you’ll love them!

Decorating Around Mirrors

I am sure you have a mirror in your bedroom (who doesn’t?). You can wrap a string of lights on the corners of the mirror and the lights will be extra bright because of the reflection. Tip: running a string of lights around an interestingly shaped mirror gives the best result!

Creatively Use Twigs

Do you have trees in your backyard? If so, you can get a straight twig and run a string of lights on it. The twig doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, because the imperfect shape will actually give it an interesting appeal.

You can then hang the twig (or twigs – if you want to create more than one) over your bed or ceiling.

Edging Bookshelves with String Lights

If you are an avid reader, you probably have a bookshelf in your bedroom. Well, you can transform a boring bookshelf into an interesting one by lining up its corners with light strings.

I really love my bookshelf, that’s why I chose a special kind of lights string for it. I got one with flower shaped lights (LOL).

Indoor Trees with Lights

If you have been following this blog for a long time, you already know that I’m a nature lover. That’s why I also like having trees in a bedroom setting.

A small tree (real or artificial) would really look good with lights. I am sure we all agree with that, that’s why we always decorate our Christmas trees with lights, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to have a Christmas tree with blinking (or steady) lights in your bedroom. Just don’t call it a Christmas tree if it’s not Christmas. Let’s see… hmmmm… maybe you can call it your “fancy bedroom tree.”

Christmas Tree on Your Wall

Now, this would really look good on your bedroom wall during the Holidays. The pattern of a Christmas tree is really easy to put on walls. Just position the string of lights in a triangular form and it’s already a Christmas tree. You can even put real gifts under it!

Lighting Up a Decorative Rack

Do you have a hanging rack for your favorite figurines and other knick knacks? Letting a string of lights go through every layer will make it look good and even highlight the things displayed on it.

String of Lights Clothesline With Clothespin

You can use lights strings like clothesline. But instead of hanging clothes, hang photographs of your family, pets, places you’ve been to, etc.

Bottling Up Lights with Old Ornaments or Other Objects

If it’s Christmas time, you can mix a string of lights with old Christmas balls. Just position the lights and shiny balls in a big transparent jar for the ultimate Holiday Season effect.

You can use this type of decoration even if it’s not Christmas, but you might want to replace the Christmas balls with other types of decors.

Sometimes I use this technique with a glass of marbles. I then put the jar on my bedside table and it serves as my nightlight.

Mixing Lights with Rope

A string of lights combined with a bundled up rope looks really good – yeah, try it! If you bundle the rope (with lights) creatively, you can really come up with an interesting and unique décor.

You can also just hang the rope decoratively in a corner of your room, and that area will provide you with an awesome view of little glittering lights.

Corner Décor and Fairy Lights as You Sleep

If you have a mirror or a window on the corner of your room, you can use lights string to decorate the edges. For this project, I recommend using a really long light string so that you can also create fairy lights with it.

Just run the string on the corners of the window or mirror and let the end of the lights end up inside a small jar. This fairy lights jar makes for the perfect bedside light.

Look – fairy lights! It’s pretty, I know. I often use the end of light strings to create fairy lights in my bedroom. This type of night light can really lift up your mood before falling asleep. That’s why I always have a good night’s sleep.

Cloud with Rain or Snow

If you want to have rain or snow in your bedroom (not real rain or snow, of course) you can create said effects with the use of strings of lights. Now, this takes just a little amount of work, but it’s surely worth all the trouble.

Just cut out a shape of cloud from a white board and position this on the wall of your bedroom. Next, hang strings of lights from it, as if rain drops or snow flakes are falling from the clouds.

You can use ordinary little lights for rain effect or use snowflakes shaped lights for snow effect. Still, you can get more creative and hang other types of shapes of lights.

Spell Out a Bright Message

I love this one. Whenever I encounter new inspirational quotes, you’ll see the message written on my bedroom wall in light strings.

Spelling out messages with lights is fun and cool. You can also just write your name, if you want.

Lighting Up Jars

Old jars can be transformed into decorative pieces with the help of light strings. Just punch a hole (big enough to accommodate the light) on the cover and insert 1 light into it.

You can use different colors of jars, different sizes and different shapes. Remember, when you’re working on things like this, always let your imagination run free.

Create Any Pattern on Your Bedroom Wall

Well, I just told you to let your imagination run free when working on creative stuff. This time, I am going to suggest letting your imagination run wild and just create any pattern on your bedroom wall. Sounds like fun, right? Just do it, and you’ll surely enjoy your lighted creation.

Hanging Wire Wreathe Even if It’s Not Christmas

A wire wreathe is really easy to make and decorate with a string of lights. The longer the string, the more lights there will be, and the brighter wreathe you’ll have in the end. Again, this décor is not intended for Christmas season, but you can use the idea during the Holidays too.

Tie Those Pretty Ribbons on Light Strings

I did say I was going to tell you about simple DIY bedroom lights string ideas, didn’t I? So here’s one of the most simple ones you’ll find in this post.

Just tie ribbons on the spaces between lights and hang this anywhere you like in your room. With the availability of a lot of pretty ribbons out there, you can change the look of this project as often as you want.

Simple enough? I told you so! 😛

A Really Really Bright Mirror Backdrop

I already told you about lining the sides of a mirror to give it an interesting and decorative look with lights. But this time, we are going to use the entire surface of the mirror and hang lots and lots of light strings on it.

I recommend using different colored lights for this particular project. You will want your mirror backdrop to be really bright, colorful and beautiful.

Twigs to Make Chandelier

Did you know that you can create a rustic looking chandelier by using twigs? Yes you can, and the string of lights will serve as the source of light.

For this project, you need to collect a lot of twigs. You can then use big lights or small lights, depending on the size of the twigs and style that you’re going for.

Hula-Hoop Chandelier

I am sure we all love chandeliers, so here’s another chandelier idea using lights string.

So first, you need a hula-hoop. You also need strings to hang this on your bedroom ceiling. Next comes the easy part (as if I have given you any hard instructions so far – LOL).

Buy one of those icicle light set that’s often sold on Christmas and just run this along the circle of the hula hoop. Hang this on your ceiling and you have a very pretty and unique looking chandelier.

Create Milk Jug Happy Faces

I know that some of the ideas I just gave you can also be used during Christmas time. But this one, you’ll probably associate with Halloween (LOL).

Empty milk jugs are commonly used as Halloween decors because you can easily draw faces on them. You can also easily cut the bottom portion of the jug to insert a source of light.

Well, using the same technique and ideas, you can decorate a milk jug according to your creativeness. Yes you can draw a happy face on it, you can even write a message on the surface. When you fill it up with a string of lights, it will brighten up your bedroom and your mood as well.

This is one of the simplest ways of decorating your room using a string of lights. The overall effect is so soothing that you’ll fall asleep happy and relaxed.

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Magical Place

So there you have it – these bedroom decorating ideas using light strings are not only beautiful, they are simple to create as well. Let these inspire you to be as creative as you can be using just lights, and I’m sure you’ll feel satisfied and fulfilled after seeing your creations.

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