4 Brilliant Garage Storage Techniques You’d Want to Try

4 brilliant garage storage techniques youd want to tryFor some reason, the garage has become a storage area. While that’s practical and effective, it can really make the garage a very messy place. I know, I know, it’s acceptable – but wouldn’t it be better if every part of your home is clean and clutter free?

As a house remodeling expert, I have seen a lot of garages. And you know what, I admire those people who keep their garage neat and clean and really a part of their house. Our cars deserve that, don’t you think?

So while I actually encourage my clients to get rid of unnecessary things in their homes so as not to require too much space for storage (which is often the garage), I also understand the need to keep things. Some people are just sentimental, I guess, and that’s ok. And some things are seasonal, so getting rid of them and then buying the same things again is also impractical.

Since mess and storage are basically the issues here, I think it’s wise to focus on storage techniques instead – storage techniques in the garage, particularly. That’s what you will find below – some brilliant techniques I learned through years of renovating homes – techniques to keep your garage mess free while serving as a storage area as well.

Technique #1 Get Stuff Out of the Way

I just hate bumping into things when I’m in the garage. Some people simply move their storage boxes to the sides to keep things organized, but that doesn’t work for me too. Even if you have a big garage, having things all over the place can make the place look messy (yes, even when boxed). And of course, this is even a bigger problem when you have a small garage.

The technique, therefore, is to simply free the floor from clutter. Yes, it actually works to use the walls and ceiling of your garage as storage places. Anything and everything can be hanged, keep that in mind.

Technique #2 Consider Different Types of Storage and Organization Systems


Organization is the key to having a mess free garage. And these days, you can choose from different types of storage systems – depending on your preferred style and budget. Cabinets and shelves are 2 of the most popular forms of storage systems. Just remember, installing these on walls is more practical having them on the floor. A few items on the floor is ok, if you have a lot of space.

Other types of storage and organization systems include organizers, trays, baskets, boxes, containers and peg boards. You can use a combination of these when organizing your things in the garage.

Technique #3 Install a Garage Loft


I did recommend using the ceiling as a storage place in the garage, right? While you can use hooks and railing systems to hold things on the ceiling, a loft is safer and easier to manage. It will be like having a mini second floor in your garage, so you can store a lot of your stuff there. This design won’t take up much space because the height can be adjusted according to the height of your garage. You can also install it in such a way that it only occupies the sides of your garage ceiling.

If you’re going to use this technique, make sure that you arrange things in an organized manner. So if you’re using containers and boxes, labeling them would help a lot. This will allow you to easily find things just by reading the labels instead of having to remember where you put everything.

Technique #4 Just Hang Everything

You have at least 4 walls in your garage – so that’s a lot of space for hanging things, right? You can maximize the use of walls just by hanging organization systems or the actual object itself.

Gardening and cleaning tools are particularly demanding with space, but these can all be neatly organized by hanging them on walls. If you have bikes, you can install bike racks on the walls to be able to hold these items out of the way and off the floors. It’s the same thing with surf boards, paddle boards and other big and bulky items. They can take up too much floor space, so just hang them on walls.

Garage Sweet Garage

Your garage is the home of your car, always remember that. Moreover, it is a part of your home – so treat it right. It’s not a place to store junk and other unnecessary items, but it’s a useful place for storage and as a work area.

As one of the most functional and useful parts of your home, maximize its purpose by following the techniques I just mentioned above. Do let me know if you have storage techniques of your own, ok?

You can also visit my Pinterest board on Life and Renovation to get more ideas on how to make your garage more organized and functional. Feel free to pin the images I saved on my boards too.

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