5 Living Room Remodeling Ideas

5 living room remodeling ideas

A lot of people consider the living room as the main attraction of the house. And, why not? This is often the place where family gatherings take place and where family members bond with each other.

The entertainment center is commonly found in the living room too. It’s the place for movie marathons, sound tripping, and simply relaxing.

If you’re considering remodeling this area of your home, it’s a task that shouldn’t be done carelessly. Aside from beautifying the place up, aim to make it more functional for every member of the family too.

Does Your Living Room Need an Office Area?

Even if you already have a separate home office in your house, it would still be wise to consider setting up a corner office in your living room. In fact, it will probably be used more often than a closed office because of its accessibility.

By creating a corner office with a multipurpose design, every member of the family can take turns in using it. It doesn’t even need to be a full functioning office, especially if you already have an office room. As long as it has a desk, a computer, and some cabinets and drawers to hold office accessories, it can already be called an office area.

This set up is particularly practical for families who are used to multitasking activities. Members of the family can watch TV, listen to music, play computer games and bond with each other while doing some office work too.

Organize Your Things by Customizing Storage Areas

A cluttered living room doesn’t only look messy; it actually looks smaller too. If you want to add space in this area of your house without literally tearing down walls, you can install built-in storage places so that you can put everything in order and regain lost space.

You can still showcase and highlight your favorite belongings and prized possessions, but behind enclosed cabinets and display cases. Your other decorative items can come in the form of throw pillows, carpets and rugs.

Proper Planning of Electrical Outlets

When remodeling living rooms, planning for electrical outlets is sometimes overlooked. This can prove to be a problem especially if you are rearranging things and are transferring your home entertainment center to another area.

Always think of strategic planning when laying out plans for electrical sources. Also, consider functionality and aesthetics while doing so. If you’re going to use free standing appliances and devices, for example, make sure that these are included in the planning part of remodeling your living room.

You can consider installing an electrical outlet into concrete floor. This way, you can position lamps in the best places in your living room without having a lot of cords lying around.

Consider the other furniture and fixtures that will make up the room too. Plan carefully for the seating arrangement and know where to properly place bookshelves, cabinets, and other storage places. These shouldn’t block electrical outlets.

So, before starting out with the remodeling and demolition works, plan on EVERYTHING first. What devices will comprise your entertainment center – TV, DVD player, sound system, etc.? The number of electrical outlets in your living room should be able to handle all these electronics so as not to have short circuit problems.

Extend the Living Room for More Space

If your living room can be extended outdoors, you can create a sunroom or garden as an extension of this particular room. Remember, the extension should be made seamlessly so as to make it a part of the family’s living room area. The additional space, therefore, will allow the family members more freedom to move about in the room.

Aim for a multi-season structure so that it can be used all throughout the year. And if you’re going to use the area as a garden, plan on caring for plants that will thrive effortlessly on the given location.

In our house, we have an indoor garden as an extension of our living room. Glass sliding doors separate it from the actual room, so it’s always visible and accessible. We decorated it with furniture, statues, jars and plants; and it’s a particularly interesting place to spruce up during the Holidays.

We have the option of opening the glass doors if the weather is good. It’s a good source of fresh air and we can always stay there while some of the members of the family are in the main living room.

Painting and Decorating Tips

When painting the living room, always pick a color that will be suitable for family gatherings all year round. Several occasions are celebrated throughout the year; and since the living room will surely have its share of guests and visitors, it should always be prepared to receive company.

Of course, you will need to add other decorations in the room to truly celebrate an occasion. Things that can be easily decorated on the walls and taken down are not troublesome at all. And with just a little bit of creativity and teamwork from the family, your living room will serve its many purposes year in and year out.

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