5 Pop of Colour Ideas to Brighten Up a Home

5 pop of colour ideas to brighten up a home

As we all know, colours brighten up our lives – and our homes!

I like playing with colors when I’m working on home improvement jobs. Not only does it make the work more exciting, it really brings new life to old surroundings too.

I’m sure you’re excited to find out how I effectively use colors in decorating homes. So I’ll stop blabbering and just show you.

1. Lime Green Door… A Wow Entrance – That’s For Sure!

lime green door You might think that a home made of bricks is hard to decorate with colours. Since bricks come in mostly neutral shades, your options can be quite limited. A lot of people find using colours for decorating a home with such style a little difficult.

But I say yes to colours, even if it’s a brick house! Remember, your choices are always unlimited as long as you always carry that creativity bug in your pocket.

For one, you can use the door to add color to this scene. It’s the main entrance to the house so it’s an ideal part to add a wow factor to your home.

In the photo, you will see that the door is colored lime. You never thought that would work, did you? But as you can see, it’s beautiful!

You might be asking, “Why the heck green?” Well, if you look closely at the colour of the bricks, you will see that there’s a very subtle hint of green shades on the pattern. And that’s why the lime green door worked out so well.

The next trick is to accessorize. Look around the image.

The rug has some shades of green on it to complement the door as you enter the house. Also, some of the pots are in shades of green too.

The mailbox is also in a shade of green and the hanging plant box is in yet another shade of green. So while there are other colours present in the background, green is always prominent so as to match with the door which is the focal point in this setting.

See how the various plants also add other shades of colours to the scenario? And as you can see, the leaves add another shade of green to the whole picture.

Green is indeed one of the easiest colors to play around with!

2. Pine Cones… These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Ombre-Pinecone Pine cones make for great centerpieces and all-around decorations for any occasion. Just add colours to these versatile little objects and they can make any room (and occasion) come alive.

I even use pine cones as Halloween decors by designing them in black and orange colors. During Christmas time, I paint pine cones in red, green, and gold. Sometimes I add glitters too, because glittery decors are always “in” during the holidays.

I also use pine cone decors in wintertime, springtime, and summertime – depending on my mood. These things are just so versatile that you can do anything with them.

For the image below, very simple decorating techniques were used to transform ordinary looking cones into something mah-velous.

First, you need to make sure that the pine cones are clean. So use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean them especially the little nooks. Do this outside, as microscopic particles and dust can be removed from these things.

Once they’re clean, get a paint brush with small soft bristles. Choose the colours to use and start painting the pine cones from the bottom going up.

For best results, use darker shades of colours on the base part and end with lighter colours on the upper part. You can use 3 or 4 shades of color in a pine cone. You can also combine different colors and make a rainbow pine cone. That would be really nice!

When you’re done, just group the pine cones together and arrange them in any way you want. You can also use a decorative container to hold them.

In the photo, the pine cones are just grouped together. But as you can see, the simple setup is already cute and breathtaking.

3. Decorating the Kitchen with Turquoise Stools

turquise-stools Green is a relaxing colour, that’s why it’s the color of nature.

I like green, and you will notice that I always include it in my decorating techniques. It’s the perfect color to add to a surrounding of neutral colours like in this kitchen which is mainly white.

Look at the background in the photo below. See how the little colours give this simple room more life and personality? Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant!

So you can either repurpose or repaint some old stools you have around the house or buy some new ones to liven up your kitchen.

4. Hot Pink Dresser, Anyone?

Black Dresser with Pink side drawers When I was just starting with my interior decorating career, I came up with a mood lifter concept. You’ll see what I mean in the photo below.

Just imagine yourself going about your usual routine…. You need to grab something from the dresser and as you absentmindedly open it – a bright colour suddenly pops out. Yeah, it’s rejuvenating and exciting, even if you actually know it’s there.

This is a concept I use all the time – combining contrasting colours to add life to dressers, cabinets, and more. Just use your imagination when using this decorating technique because it really works on everything.

Just look at how this concept is employed with a dresser. Its overall color is black and grey – but when you open it, the drawers are actually in hot pink! What could be more contrasting (and lively) than that?

5. Boring Bookcases are Out – Exciting Bookcases are In

orange-bookcase This is a work in progress. It’s another one of those projects that use the contrasting concept of coloring. See how the colour of orange blends in nicely with the plain white background?

Brass pulls would look really good on this bookcase’s drawers. Also, I would put other objects on it like vases, figurines, trophies and other unique-looking ornaments.

Really, you should think outside the box and not use a bookcase merely as book storage (that can be very boring).

Bookcases are great places to display your favorite things. So fill it up with colours and other wonderful things!

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