6 Unique Ways to Design a White Kitchen

6 unique ways to design a white kitchen

A white kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to be all white, ok? A white kitchen doesn’t need to be boring as hell too. If you’re considering having a white kitchen but don’t have any idea as to how to design it, just look at the images below. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’ll be excited to have a white kitchen from now on.

#1 Add Colors to White


As you can see, you can use colored furniture, colored appliances and colorful accessories in a white kitchen. In the image above, chairs with different colors are even used. For the appliances, you can stick with 1 color or shade if you want to, but you can also go for different colors. Keep in mind that a white kitchen does not limit your choices – having a neutral color background will actually expand your design choices.

#2 Have Lots of Space and a Focal Point


The above image is one of the neatest white kitchens I’ve ever seen – I really like it! A white kitchen with minimal colors is also a designing technique that a lot of people will love in their homes. This is a modern kitchen, as you can see – all the appliances are compact and hidden to create a sense of space. Minimalists will love this kitchen style not only for its overall appeal but for its functionality as well. Oh, and take note of the marble countertop – it serves as the focal point in this kitchen.

#3 Keep Things Out of Sight


This is another example of a white modern kitchen. Notice the cabinets and drawers – everything is hidden from sight to make the room look organized and clean. You will also see that there are minimal colors included its design so as to preserve the white color motif. It comes with a wide island in the middle too, so as to handle busy moments in the kitchen.

#4 Use Block Colors


White theme can also be used for simple kitchens. Look closely to the image above and you will see that you can use different solid colors to make a white kitchen come to life. Block colors can be used on chairs, lighting accessories, appliances, etc.

#5 Add a Wood Counter and a Built-In Wine Rack


Another unique way to design a white kitchen is to use a wood cutting counter as the focal point in the room. In order to complement this design, wooden flooring in the same shade (brown) is also used. Wine lovers will also love the idea of having a wine rack installed in the island – the design is simply functional and unique looking. What can I say, I love everything in this white kitchen!

#6 Make it an Open Kitchen


A white open kitchen also makes for a great choice for families. Since the kitchen is connected to the family room of living room, spending time with family members is encouraged. Adding colors to this type of kitchen is also easy. If you want to maintain the overall white design, adding simple colors like black and brown will do the trick. You can also use colors that can blend with the furniture and accessories in the connecting room.

Dreaming of a White Kitchen

There you have it – new design concepts for your white kitchen. Or if you’ve never had a white kitchen before, maybe it’s about time to turn your dream into reality.

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