Cold Beaches, Warm Coffee, Good Friends: Melbourne, Australia


I lived in Melbourne for a few years and loved going to the beaches of St-Kilda at once a day (I lived a block away), even when it was cold.

There was always a warm, delicious Melbourne Cappuccino waiting for me a short walk from the beach (Melbourne seriously has the best coffee in the entire world).

One of the best parts of living in an exciting new place is the local scenery – and food.

Now, the kind of food you’ll find in Melbourne might not be much different from what you might find in, say, Canada or the US, but it’s still really delicious and fun to go to new restaurants half way around the world.

I can’t remember the name of the first restaurant in this video, but when I went there with my friend, I was surprised to see Corn Flake Chicken on the menu, because I totally invented that!

When I was living in London (UK), I met my great friend Luci and we ended up travelling together.

We pretty constantly had no food in our kitchen (not wanting to mess with lugging around cookware and storing food), so one day when we were hungry I threw together a meal with whatever we had.

Which was chicken, Caesar dressing, and corn flakes.

So I ended up dipping the chicken in the Caesar dressing and then into some smashed corn flakes before pan frying them.

It was so good but so low-rent, which is why I was super surprised to see it at this really fancy restaurant!

By the way I would never that now! Let alone chicken. Maybe it’s just me but I find it gross (and they are full of antibiotics and homrmones hello!)

The other restaurant in this video is my favourite polish place called Vodka Borsh and Tears, where they serve the best pierogi ever – and being Polish, I know.

So the food might be familiar, but the beaches… well, the beaches might be similar to other places too, but still, they’re really beautiful (even when they’re cold).

The time lapse in the video is from Elwood (right by St-Kilda), one of the places I used to live.

I actually lived in three or four different apartments in Melbourne (lol).

Even when I’m in one place I can’t seem to sit still.

Which is one of the many reasons choosing to live the laptop lifestyle around the world is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Even when travelling half way around the world, you can find similarities with the place you’re from.

But those things are made that much better because there’s always some small difference from what you’re used to that makes new places fun and exciting.


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