Ahh, that Aussie Air: Outside of Melbourne, Australia

ahh that aussie air outside of melbourne australia

One of my favourite parts of my stay in Australia was just driving through the countryside… and sometimes on the horse tracks (ones that aren’t being used).

Just a few days into my Aussie adventure, my fiancee Matt and I went back to Elmore (a really small town in Victoria) to visit family, family, and more family.

The Australian bush is definitely worth seeing.

Personally, I love it.

It’s quiet, relaxing, the air is so fresh, the people are super friendly, and there’s no traffic.

If Elmore’s main street has more than 3 cars drive through in a day, Matt’s mom tells us about all the traffic when she gets home (lol).

While we were there, Matt told me about an annual festival held at nearby Elmore Park, an old horse race track where Matt’s dad trains horses.

We were going to be gone long before we’d get a chance to enjoy all the local music, food, and crafts, but I wanted to see the track (horse racing is a huge part of Matt’s family), so we went for a drive through the countryside.

As we drove around the back roads of who knows where, I enjoyed seeing all the local sites and livestock.

I especially loved all the cows.

Weird, I know, but out there they’re so relaxed (there aren’t any factory farms), and I love to see the super chill cows just hanging out, being free.

And cows are actually really friendly when they’re not stuck in a cage or on some crowded feed lot.

When we got to the park, we decided to do a little off-roading by driving around the race track. It got dusty which is why my face books all screwed up at the beginning of this video.

We did see some people riding horses around there, but thankfully we didn’t run into any (literally and figuratively).

When you’re travelling around the world, be sure to spend plenty of time just getting lost in the scenery!


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