Basic Shades of Grey Hardwood Floors for Your Home

basic shades of grey hardwood floors for your home

Have you caught on the latest trend when it comes to hardwood floors? Grey-colored hardwood flooring is very popular today, so using this style for your home renovation will surely please you as well as your guests.

Sure, there are different types of flooring that you can use. When I am doing a home renovation job, I have a lot of options. Aside from hardwood, carpets, tiles and linoleums are just some of the most popular choices.

If you have your heart on grey wood floors, what can I say? You have good taste, that’s for sure. This type of flooring is not only pleasing to the eyes, it’s versatile too. I often recommend this type of floor for the living room and dining room, but there are those who also prefer to have it in the kitchen, which is cool too.

Grey hardwood floors look great in the living room. This is one of my favorite home renovation projects.

Grey hardwood floors look great in the living room. This is one of my favorite home renovation projects.

Light Grey for a Bright Home

When you decide on a light grey shade of hardwood floor, know that there are still different shades to choose from. The flooring can have undertones of beige, cream or silver – which are all light colors but have varying shades mixed with the basic grey color.

To be able to choose from the varying shades of light grey floor, think about your home’s overall motif. It would be easier to match the color of your furniture and decors with the floor if they can blend well together.

Dark Grey for Sophistication

With a dark grey hardwood floor, the shade of black is quite prominent. This is a sleek choice for flooring and it’s easier to maintain than light colored floors. Such a shade is also versatile because you can basically use any type of color motif to go with it.

When people consult me for the type of flooring for their homes, I always ask about their family. I often recommend dark colored flooring to big families because of the heavy activities the floors will be exposed to. So if you have a large family, dark hardwood floors would be a great choice as it’s suitable for high traffic areas.

Blue Grey for People Who Just Love Blue

I like the blue grey hardwood flooring because it just looks so neat and cool. If you like the color blue and would like to paint a room blue, this type of flooring would be great. The blue undertones will also come alive when you use blue colored accessories in the room.

Brown Grey for that Classic Look

Brown grey hardwood floor is also classy – it’s actually one of my favorite shades of hardwood floors. I often go for this shade of grey because of its neutral appeal – it’s not so dark and it’s not so light too. Brown and tan undertones are definitely brighter than black undertones which can be found on the dark grey shade.

This shade is simply sophisticated and it gives a warm appeal for everyone. If you can’t make up your mind about the shade, just choose this one because it’s easy to decorate around this shade.

For this particular project, my team chose the brown grey shade of wood flooring.

For this particular project, my team chose the brown grey shade of wood flooring. Notice the matching rug and wooden furniture – these all go well with the flooring.

Tips to Decorating with Grey Hardwood Floors

Wooden furniture work best for grey hardwood floors. Other types of materials would work too, but wood on wood simply clicks better.

You have a lot of options when designing your home with grey hardwood flooring. You can use contrasting colors – such as light colored walls, furniture and decors for dark floors. You can also go for dark colored accessories for your light colored flooring.

Its versatility also makes grey hardwood floors really popular. Since grey is basically a neutral color, you can accessorize your home with different colors and it will still look good.

Those who like to decorate their home with black and white motif also find grey hardwood floors useful. It won’t distract from the main theme and will even highlight the beauty of your home.

Here's a closeup look on the hardwood floor we installed. Don't you think it's pretty?

Here’s a closeup look on the hardwood floor we installed. Don’t you think it’s pretty?

Choosing Your Style Through Hardwood Floor Colors

So, have you made up your mind as to the type of grey hardwood floor you want to install in your home? Go through all the ideas I just gave you and you will surely get the inspiration you need to carry out your plan. Oh, and don’t forget to send me a photo once it’s done, ok?

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