Blowing Cellulose Insulation Into the Attic

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

The consequences can be quite expensive when you don’t have a properly insulated attic. Do you notice that you still feel cold even if your heater is all powered up during the winter months?

How about during the summer? Do you need to turn your air conditioning system at the highest setting to feel comfortable around your home?

Improper insulation in your attic can cause your utility bills to soar high as indoor hot air and cool air can escape unnecessarily. Thanks to modern technology, the process of cellulose insulation in attics can prove to be the answer to this dilemma.

rent a cellulose machine for free from home depot

Rent a cellulose machine from Home Depot for free when you buy 20 bags of cellulose.

Garage after insulating the attic with cellulose

And this is the garage after insulating the attic with cellulose

Me DIY Insulation in our attic  from home depot

There I am! Helping. About to blow some cellulose. A DIY project of insulation in our attic

There is all the insulation for blowing cellulose insulation into the attic. The two of us (me and Matt) literally pushed these two trolleys into a van, packed it up with the help of the nice and helpful Home Depot staff. Then One by One, I opened up a bag of this stuff with a box knife, then put it into the green machine while Matt blew the cellulose around the attic. It didn’t take long to go through it all. I think it took less than an hour.

There is the fan. I must say it was good exercise to jump in the van and back out while loading the insulation machine. That machine brakes it all up. Particles go into the air which is why I am wearing a mask.

There is the Green Insulation Blower Machine in the Garage.

There is the Green Insulation Blower Machine in the Garage.

Or should I say the infamous and messy green machine lol.

Cellulose insulation materials come from different sources. These can come from plant fiber, recycled newspapers and cardboard boxes, straw, sawdust, etc. After processing and treating the materials with chemicals, these can be use for insulation purposes.

It is necessary to use chemicals on the cellulose insulation supplies so as to make these resistant to pests and mold. By adding chemicals like boric acid to the resources, the materials are also made resistant to fire.

This is a fast and easy way to lower your energy bills. You can usually hire a machine or at some stores such as Lowes in Canada. They will hire you a machine FREE if you purchase 20 bags of insulation. You can do your entire attic with R40 quality insulation for around $600 dollars. You can blow cellulose right over the top of existing insulation.

Things you will need:

  1. Safety equipment including gloves, dust mask, head torch and a long sleeve shirt.
  2. Tape measure
  3. Stanely knife
  4. Cellulose insulation Blowing machine
  5. It is always best to have a friend to help


  1. Properly air seal your attic, paying close attention to things such as light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and insulation ducts.
  2. Run the hose from your machine up into the attic.
  3. Measure the desired height of the insulation ( depending on the R value you want ) and mark it on the walls or roof trusses etc.
  4. Take a stanely knife and cut open the insulation bags.
  5. Pour or load cellulose insulation into blowing machine.
  6. Switch the machine.
  7. Blow the insulation to the desired height.
  8. Clean up all of the mess outside of the attic and you are done.

When done right, blowing cellulose insulation into your attic can dramatically lower your utility bills. So not only will you be conserving on energy, you will be saving on money as well.

The cellulose insulation supplies that you need for the work are also very cheap, so you can surely afford the project. A lot of stores are even offering free use of their cellulose blower if you purchase the materials from them.

The whole process can be a bit tedious for just one person though, so it would be wise to seek the assistance of a friend or a family member. The method doesn’t even involve hard work, just dirty work. So be prepared for that (and the cleanup afterwards).

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