Essential Bathroom Safety Tips

Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in our homes. It can be very slippery when wet, and falling on the hard surfaces can cause injury and even lead to death. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from bathroom accidents by adhering to certain bathroom safety tips.

Are Bathroom Rugs Necessary?

While bathroom rugs can be decorative and helpful, they can be quite slippery too, especially on wet floor. If you must insist on using rugs in your bathroom, get those that have slip-resistant backings.

Secure Your Bathtub and Shower

Whether you have a bathtub or a shower, these should not be slippery. Choose tiles that are not that smooth or install non-slip strips that can keep the person taking a shower steady. Non-slippery mats can be used in bathtubs too.

Always Keep a Clean Bathroom

Unkempt bathrooms can be very slippery especially when soap suds and scum are left on the floor. Mold can also grow on dirty and moist surfaces; and this can be slippery as well.

Is Your Bathroom Dry?

While the bathtub and shower areas are wet during use, the rest of the bathroom should be kept dry. When you step out of the tub or the shower, you should be walking on dry, non-slippery floor.

Yes, it’s possible to keep the rest of the bathroom dry whether you have a bathtub or a shower. You can either install a door or a heavy shower curtain so that water is contained inside the tub or shower.

Install Support Systems

Installing support systems in the bathroom is beneficial to all the members of the household, especially the kids and the senior citizens. Support systems include rails and grab bars that can be strategically placed around the shower, bathtub, and even the toilet.

Installing such fixtures in the bathroom can help you keep your balance while taking a bath, showering, or using the toilet. In fact, you can quickly hold on to these things when you slip so as to regain your balance.

Importance of Lighting System

Just as a lighting system is important to all the other rooms of the house, it is also important for the bathroom. In fact, it is VERY important.

Let me tell you about a personal experience. One time, I went to the bathroom without turning on the light. It was nighttime and I was already sleeping when I had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Thinking I already know where everything was, I didn’t turn on the light. I was hoping the darkness would keep me sleepy when I get back to bed. The outcome of my little adventure was that I hit my head on the door and the next day I had this huge bump on my forehead. Ouch.

Lesson: always have light on the hallway leading to the bathroom. The bathroom should be well-lit too. Final lesson: use the lights, especially at night.

Always, Always Take Your Time

Have you noticed how you always drop things or bump into things when you are in a hurry? Yes, being in a rush makes us clumsy and careless. If you are in the bathroom, don’t be in such a hurry especially when taking a shower or a bath. Hurrying up can make you slip, and the result can be fatal.

In order to avoid rushing when using the bathroom, allocate enough time for it. This way, you can take a leisurely bath or shower and you won’t be prone to accidents too.

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