Fruit and Water – A Surprisingly Awesome Recipe for Fun: The Woodstock Fruit Festival, New York


Fruit Festivals are Awesome!

The Woodstock Fruit Festival (WFF) is, hands down, one of the most fun times I’ve had anywhere in the world.

I attended again last summer (sorry this is late but better late than never!) for the second time with my amazing friend Stephanie and her three kids.

The WFF is essentially a raw food festival, featuring an unlimited amount of fresh organic produce consisting primarily of fresh fruit and vegetables, and trust me, you’ll eat a tonne of delicious food while you’re there!

It’s especially awesome if you are already following a raw vegan diet (and in case you’re wondering, you’re not allowed to bring in any outside food).

I attended the first year all by my lonesome since no one I knew wanted to accompany me.  Apparently, many people in my circle have a love-hate relationship with veganism!

Regardless, I’d already heard so much about the festival that I still wanted to experience it for myself, even if it meant going solo… which ended up being a good choice because it was the best week ever!

Last summer, I managed to convince Stephanie (and her kids) to tag along after telling them stories of all the fun I had and awesome friends I made the year prior.

Despite the fact that all of us weren’t raw veganites, we still loved stuffing our faces with unlimited banana ice cream, smoothies, banana cinnamon rolls, mangos & coconut water straight from the coconut (which, FYI, is actually a drupe, not a not).

This event is like a type of mental and physical detox for me.  I always end up feeling awesome (and losing some weight!!).  It’s also refreshing to see (super hot) athletes in attendance.  Despite these positives, I just don’t think I have the willpower to only consume fruit for an entire month, let alone a year.

Making the Most of an Adventure

Aside from the face stuffing, the WFF have plenty of other awesome activities to enjoy, such as: adventure/obstacle courses, sports, yoga, and my personal favourite – water related activities!

When I wasn’t paddle boarding, playing beach volleyball, or laying out in the sun,  Steph, her kids, myself and 500 of my new friends played on a 15-foot inflatable water slide, a 14-foot water climbing wall, water mats, and water trampolines.

In the end, Steph was glad I convinced her to come along.  We ended up having an awesome time and I know her kids loved it as well.

Once you find a hidden treasure, be sure to go back with your best friends to share in the fun and create new adventures together!


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