Great Trees, Great Friends, Great Coffee: Nanaimo, Canada


I barely caught the ferry to go visit Nanaimo, Canada, and after the rush, I was treated to an almost two-hour ferry ride.

But the great trees and greater friends were definitely worth it.

I grew up in Canada and still have a lot of friends there.

As much fun as I have travelling to exotic places all over the world, I still love exploring Canada to this day.

It’s so huge, there’s always something new to see, and since my friends seem to have moved to all sorts of little nooks and crannies across the country, I have plenty of excuses to get around.

No matter how far and wide you travel, visiting friends is always awesome.

So during my trip to Whistler, I decided to make the 5-hour journey (including the ferry lol) to Nanaimo, where my friends Sara and Laura-Lee live (for now, Lalee is thinking about moving to New Zealand! Check out her blog, Lalee Lifestyle (

Sara and I have been friends a long time (like, since right after high school), and years ago she introduced me to Laura-Lee (who we call Lalee).

We had a great time catching up and taking tonnes of Snaps (it was my first time playing with the face swap filters on Snapchat so I went a little crazy), and since Laura was my only other friend on Snapchat at the time, she got to experience all of it.

Afterwards, not wanting to miss out on all the fun, Lalee invited me to go on a day trip with her to the local old-growth forests.

I love all sorts of scenery around the world, but there’s something special about a magnificently old, astoundingly beautiful forest.

Something in that air just relaxes me; it’s like the trees are magic!

When you’ve gotten used to the energy and excitement of travelling the world, try heading back to the places you’re from, see your old friends, visit old places.

You’ll find they’ll provide a breath of fresh air that will recharge you for the next adventure unlike anything else.


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