How to Decorate a Room to Make it Look Larger

For some reason, a spacious room is just more appealing and relaxing. However, you might not always have the luxury to have the big room that you have always wanted. Or maybe, you just want a room to have a lot of space so that it doesn’t seem crowded.

What if I tell you that following certain decorating tips will allow you to have a bigger room? Ok, so it will not really be bigger because in reality, what you have is what you have. But I will show you some ways on how to make a particular room seem bigger.

Paint Your Room

Painting a room in a particular shade can make it look bigger or smaller. Since you are aiming to have an optical illusion of more space, go for light colored shades such as light blue, light green, light yellow, etc.

Choose a shade that’s very appealing to you, of course. So if you love the color blue, for example, then use that shade. Such color can open up space and make a room brighter and bigger.

I particularly like the color of blue for bedrooms. Aside from making the room seems larger, it’s also a relaxing color. Yeah, just look at the sky – I like that shade of blue.

Choose Furniture Wisely

There are different ways to decorate a room. But if you have limited space, I would suggest going for a mixed theme instead of a matched theme. The reason for this is that you have more choices for different themes than if you’re going to stick with just one theme.

If you’re just going to use a single theme, you might be forced to get bulky pieces just so everything will watch. This is not a problem if you have a big room, but for a small room, this can be the reason for space shortage.

I also find mixed themes more appealing than perfectly matched themes. In fact, I get reminded of furniture stores when I see rooms with very matching pieces. It’s more comfortable to see pieces of furniture that represent the owner’s character and personality, don’t you think?

So, I would suggest getting timeless pieces that will generally go with your every mood, although you always have the option to update your decoration and replace certain pieces of furniture in the future. And yes, it’s ok to mix and match pieces with different textures and colors too. You’ll know you’re doing it right when everything looks good in your eyes and you’re happy with your arrangement.

Yes, have fun choosing furniture, accessories and knick knacks to put in a particular room. Decorating a room is supposed to be fun and the final outcome should really make you happy. Remember that!

Provide for Storage Places

Since you want to maximize the space in a given room, you don’t want unnecessary items to be visible all the time. Storage places are therefore very important – and not just for aesthetic reasons but for organizing purposes as well.

For this tip, I just want to add that it’s also important to choose the right type of storage. Big bulky cabinets will occupy a lot of space and actually make a room look crowded. So to counter this effect, choose storage pieces of furniture that are tall yet spacious inside.

Go for Tall Furniture

Having tall furniture in a room will give an optical illusion of more space. Also, with pieces of furniture that actually occupy a small space, you will have the freedom to add more items in a room – such as extra chairs, tables, etc. You can even accommodate a reading area or an exercise area on a small corner.

Put Up Mirrors

It’s an age old trick to use mirrors to make a room seem bigger and wider. Big mirrors work best, so just place these magic pieces in strategic locations in a room and voila – there will seem like more space instantly. And I know we all love mirrors too (LOL) so just bring it on!

The Room that You Want

As you can see, simple decorating techniques can help transform a small room into a seemingly large room with minimal to zero cost. Just follow the tips I just gave you so you can enjoy more space physically or with the help of illusion.

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