How to Make Amazing Cushions for Your Kitchen Chairs

I know, I know, you see me in construction sites when we work on renovation jobs. A lot of people tell me that I look good in a construction hat too (LOL). Anyway, I was bored and decided to revamp these old chairs.

Yes, I even started sewing – and I will prove it to you later. Now, I will show you my very first cushion projects when I worked on some kitchen chairs. I treat these little projects like hobbies, so I enjoy every bit of time and effort that I put into them. It actually saves a lot of money too, because new chairs can be quite expensive. But these chairs are kind of sentimental so I put them in the renovation house.

Supplies Needed

Listed below are the materials I used for the cushions I made for our kitchen chairs. You can get these in hardware stores and craft shops.

  • Fiber board (medium density) – Your chairs already come with them
  • Fabric
  • Foam – You can reuse your current chairs if its still ok looking
  • Clamps – You can go without these
  • Scissors
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Spray adhesive – Optional

These are the chairs I worked on. I chose different coloured fabric because I was in a rainbow mood at that time.

These are the chairs I worked on. I chose different colored fabric because I was in a rainbow mood at that time. My parents said it looks like a child room now, but whatever.

Cutting the Board

In this particular project, I did not need fiber board because I did not have to replace the entire seat of the chairs. There has to be hard materials on the seats for this to work though. If you did have to replace it, the first thing you have to do is to cut the boards according to the size of the seat.

Drilling Holes Onto the Seats

Use clamps to hold the board on the frame of the chair then drill holes in them. Drill 4 holes on the corner of the board per chair.

Sanding the Edges

When you cut the fiber boards, if you noticed that the edges where a bit pointed, then you will want to sand it down. Although these will be covered by the cushions later on, they can tear on the fabric. I therefore advise sanding the corners of the boards in order to avoid this problem.

Measuring the Foam

Since you will be installing a foam on the chair cushion, it is of utmost importance that this is measured accurately. So, use the pre-cut board to trace over the foam to get the exact size of the seat.

Cutting the Foam

Use scissors or utility knife to cut the foam that will eventually be used as cushion for the chair. You will have to cut 4 pieces of foam if you are working on 4 chairs.

Preparing the Chair

Ok, now that the pieces of foam for the cushions are correctly measured, you can put the boards back onto the chairs. You can then put the carriage bolts into the drilled holes, but don’t put on the nuts just yet.

Installing the Foam

To install the foam on the board, put a generous amount of adhesive (use spray adhesive) on the side that needs to be installed on the board. Press the foam firmly after doing this and allow it to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Cutting the Fabric

Remove the board (by this time, the foam is already attached to it) because you need to use it to measure the fabric for the cushion. When tracing around the fabric (I used different colors of fabric for our chairs – blue, red, orange and yellow), you need to add some allowance – about 1-2 inches all around after you consider the thickness of the foam you are using for the chairs.

Stapling the Fabric

Cut the fabric to the right size and staple the cloth onto chair’s board.
This is probably the hardest part. You need to really pull hard to the fabric before you stable. Work in opposites as well. Start at the top, stable. Then bottom, stable, Then right side, stable. Once you have those 4 in, start again and repeat that sequence all the way around. Make sure to pull hard or as someone to help you pull while you stable.

If there’s too much excess fabric, trim these off to make the final outcome cleaner.

Installing the Cushion

You now have chair cushions and you only need to install these onto the chairs to finish the job. So, put the cushion back to the chair and screw it into place with the carriage nuts.

There’s my Australian Stud Muffin sitting on one of the chairs. According to him, the chairs are very comfortable. See that ugly looking chair next to this table? The next project is to reupholster that thing too.

Enjoy Your New Chairs!

I am so proud of myself for being able to make amazing cushions for our kitchen chairs. We are already using the chairs and they are very comfortable and nice to look at. Everything in this house is kind of temporary since we will probably move back to Australia once we flip this house so there is no point of buying expensive furniture because we will not have this forever 🙂 Don’t get attached to things, its better for you.

I can’t wait for my next DIY projects! Watch out for more step by step instructions on how to make your home a more beautiful place to live in.

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