How to Make Any Room Look Pretty


I have been into house renovation and interior designing for many years now. I therefore know the difference between a clean, organized room and a beautiful one. Yes, there’s a difference.

While a clean and organized room is definitely relaxing and pleasing to the eyes, a pretty room is attractive and more relaxing too. So for me I always try to achieve cleanliness, organization and prettiness whenever I construct or decorate any given room.

Actually, there are things that you can do to make any room look pretty or prettier, as the case may be. There are techniques that you can use and things that you can do to achieve this goal, and I will tell you some of my secrets in this post.

You can start the whole process by giving each room in your house a personality. Yes, like all the members of your family, the rooms in your house can have different personalities too. However, these personalities or motifs still need to blend with one another so that the overall theme of your home will stand out. No, you don’t want an interior decoration that lacks harmony – because that will only make your house design look disorganized and messy (yeah, even if it’s clean and all).

Bedroom Makeover

A house often has 2 or more rooms to accommodate everyone in the family. Since each member of the family has a different personality and taste than the others, you have the perfect excuse to design each room in a personal way (depending on the occupant’s preferences, of course).

For those who like fancy looking rooms, having a bed with canopy can work perfectly well. Come to think of it, it’s just adding an elegantly designed cloth over your bed and voila – it transforms not only how your bed looks like but the whole room is transformed (almost magically) as well.


Here’s a simple but elegant way to make a canopy bed. It really makes the bedroom classy, romantic, and inviting.

I also like adding string lights to a bedroom to serve as night light. The nice thing about this concept is that it will work for any room design. Also, it’s easy to make and really affordable too. I like the idea of designing with string lights so much that I have made a separate post for it. Check it out to get more ideas on how to make your room look prettier with this design.


Wouldn’t you like to sleep in this bed? It would be like sleeping under the stars!

I also like painting images on walls to really transform a bedroom into something else. One particular design that boys and girls like is to have trees painted on the walls of their room – and I mean real looking trees (in 3D if possible). Nature lovers particularly like this concept because it’s refreshing to look at and unique as well.


Adventurous people and nature lovers will love to have this painting of a 3D tree in their bedroom. It’s just lovely and unique, don’t you agree?

And of course, organization should always be included when designing any room in your house. For the bedroom in particular, I like having multi colored boxes for the occupant’s personal stuff. Having different designs for the storage boxes makes it easier to remember where everything is while also adding to the overall style of the room. Colors simply make everything more beautiful, don’t you agree?


Being neat and organized definitely makes a room pretty. And with these colored boxes as storage for those little things, your room will surely be prettier.

The Best Ambiance for Your Living Room

The Living Room is also called the family room because this is the place where every member of the family hangs out. Its design, therefore, should be suitable to the main purpose of the room – which is to relax and have a good time. Overall, I would say the living room should have a homey and relaxing ambiance.

Choose a good set of sofa for the living room because you want to be comfortable while watching TV, listening to music, or simply hanging out in this special area of the house. Depending on the size of the room, you can mix and watch several sets of sofas, coaches and chairs here.

If you have a fireplace, it would make for a great focal point for this particular room. For a fireplace with mantel, you could place a few pieces of decorative items on it depending on the season. So if it’s Christmas time, for example, you can place Christmas candles or figurines of Santa Claus just above the fireplace and relish the season even more.


You can make your living room look lovelier by making the fireplace the focal point of the room. Aside from decorating around the fireplace itself, your choice of furniture also plays an important role in making this room cozy and inviting.

For shelves and table tops, you can use several pieces of decorative items to liven the room up. When I design living rooms, I always include flowers because they’re simply amazing and they appeal to everyone. Yes, even men love flowers because flowers are just beautiful and they simply make any environment look really good.

For this DIY project, you can print labels of your favorite perfumes so as to make plain vases seem like perfume bottles.

Candles are commonly used as decorations nowadays too, and there’s a wide variety of candles to choose from in stores now – or you can even make your own or design your own. Since I don’t have time to create candles from scratch, I usually end up buying pretty looking candles in stores. I love buying scented candles because they give off fragrance even when not lighted. Or sometimes I just buy plain candles in different colors. I then decorate them with ribbons and glitters to blend in with a particular room’s theme.


Candle projects are easy and simple to make. You can transform an ordinary looking candle into something beautiful by just using glitters and your imagination.

Well, since it’s almost Christmas time, you might want to include some Christmas decors in your interior design too. Again, you can buy ready made products or create your own Christmas decors.

How to Make Your Kitchen and Dining Room Area Beautiful

I like decorating the dining and kitchen areas too because these rooms always have people in them. And I’m sure you agree with me that eating in a well decorated place makes any gathering (formal or informal) over a meal more enjoyable.

Any dining room would look more beautiful when you include lights in its overall design. Hanging lights are the best because they can make the room brighter and lovelier simply by its design.

I always include fresh flowers when designing dining rooms too. Flowers are simply adorable and adding them to the design will immediately give a fresh new look to the environment.


This dining room has hanging lights right on top of the dinner table – which is just lovely. There are also flowers to make the dinner table more inviting.

For the kitchen, I want to keep it organized and clutter free as much as possible. So for decorations, you can use transparent jars to display certain items that are also useful in the kitchen.

As the place to prepare food and eat some snacks, I like having jars of fresh fruits all the time in the kitchen. You can place a lot of things in jars such as candies, marshmallows, cookies, etc. See, aside from the decorative effects, these are items that you can eat in the kitchen.


Putting colorful fruits in transparent jars will make any kitchen look lovelier. It makes the fruits more accessible to everyone while also functioning as decorative items.

Make Your Home Office Functional, Organized and Pretty

These days, a lot of homes have corners or rooms that are transformed into an office space. Because of the advancement in technology, more and more people are bringing some of their work at home. And work-from-home scenarios have become really popular too, so an office space really works great if your house has some extra space to accommodate it.

A bookshelf is one of the essential things in an office environment – but it doesn’t need to be boring. And although it’s a bookshelf, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it can only contain books. I like mixing things up on the shelves – such as including some decorative items in between books.

A simple bookcase can be made into a special place for decors too. Flowers and unique looking ornaments will transform a boring bookshelf into a more exciting piece of furniture in the office.

Other Decors to Make Any Room Prettier

If you have extra rooms in your house, you can add decors and designs to make the particular area more attractive. While renovations can surely give rooms a new look, simply adding decorative items can also be enough for a makeover.

I especially like adding unique looking decors here and there to catch people’s attention when they are in a certain room. In order to make a room relaxing and organized, keep in mind that things shouldn’t be overcrowded. Too many things in one area can make a place look messy even if you are exhibiting beautiful pieces of decors.


Remember not to decorate in such a way that things get crowded. Space is beautiful too because it gives objects room to breathe.

If you like DIY projects, bottles are really versatile materials. You can buy uniquely shaped bottles in thrift shops and decorate these with paint, ribbons and glitters to create a new look that will fit in any occasion. And if you have plain transparent bottles, putting sand in them can make all the difference. You can then add seashells or other types of objects to make your creation more interesting.


Wine bottles can be transformed into anything for decorative purposes. One of the simplest ways to recycle these is to convert them into flower vases. All you need is paint and glitters and some fresh flowers to pull it off.

Mirrors make for great addition to any room too. Aside from being useful, these pieces also add space to a room – and more space is always more attractive because it allows the room to breathe. Uniquely designed mirrors provide the best effects because they will serve their purpose as mirrors while also adding personality to a particular room.


The mirror in this room is designed in such a way that it looks like windows. See how it adds beauty and space to the room.

If you love displaying family pictures (even pet pictures), you can put them in unique looking picture frames to add life and personality to a particular room too. Picture frames can also be placed in different rooms of your house, so these can actually function as decorative items.


Old jewelry transformed this simple picture frame into something unique and interesting. Now you can display pictures of your family in a more artistic way.

Pretty Rooms for Everyone

So there you have it – tips on how to make any room in your house pretty. Or if the rooms in your home already look good, you can make them even prettier. Wouldn’t you love to come home to a beautiful environment every day? Renovate or redecorate now and create an atmosphere in your home that you truly love!

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