Ideas and Tips for Simple Kitchen Makeovers

ideas and tips for simple kitchen makeovers

If you can’t afford a major kitchen renovation because of the high costs involved in this type of home improvement project, you can simply adopt simple kitchen makeovers. Believe it or not, the result can be as stunning as a newly remodeled kitchen.

There are several reasons why you would want to renovate your kitchen or simply give it a different look. Sometimes, you just want a change of atmosphere to make this part of the house cozier and lovelier. It is, after all, one of the most important rooms in your home.

If wear and tear is already visible in your kitchen, then there’s even more reason to fix, upgrade and change things. Below are practical and affordable ways to do a kitchen makeover.


If your budget permits it, you can replace worn out kitchen cabinets with new ones. But if your cabinets are made of good solid wood with only a few minor defects, it would be more practical to simply fix and refurbish them.

Hinges can be easily replaced; and the same holds true for pulls and knobs. In fact, stylish handles can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Cabinets can be painted too. You can use wood paint for this task and varnishing it will give it a polished finish.

Your old cabinets will look good as new after painting and accessorizing them.


If some of your kitchen appliances have broken parts but are still working efficiently, then it’s still worth saving them. Burner plates, stove knobs and other parts can be easily purchased from the manufacturer.

If you have antique or high end appliances that have become dull looking, you can bring these items back to life too. Cleaning, painting and polishing them can be done manually or professionally. Either way, it really won’t cost you that much.

Small and defective appliances that are malfunctioning and defective should be thrown out as these are already considered fire hazards. Coffee makers, oven toasters, rice cookers and the like have become very affordable these days. And if you can afford more high end and advanced models that are more functional, do so as these are essential appliances in the kitchen.


You can bring wooden floors back to life by waxing and polishing. You can also stain the boards with another color so as to give your kitchen floor a completely new look. We did this in one of our kitchen makeover projects and the result was fantastic. Everyone thought we installed new wooden floors.

If your kitchen has stone or marble flooring, this can be polished too. Having the stone and marble floors professionally polished will bring back its original luster and beauty. Again, the cost is very minimal and it will seem like you have a brand new floor.

Another trick to having a quick change in your kitchen floor is to use linoleum. By covering your original floor with an elegantly designed linoleum, your kitchen will have a completely new look in minutes.


Changing the look of your kitchen countertops is another way to bring new life to this room in the house. If you have an old laminate countertop, you can strip this off and replace it with new laminate of a different design.

You also have the option of installing ceramic tiles if you have an existing wood base. Again, the changes will be very visible and noticeable when you adopt this technique.

Solid surfaces and stone countertops can be polished professionally to remove stubborn spots and marks. This type of countertop is quite costly, but simply polishing the surfaces can make the countertops seem like new again.

Of course, you also have the option of working on just a portion of your countertop, especially if it’s made of stone. By incorporating another material on a part of it, you can make the counter more functional while giving it a new look too. Installing a chopping block is one example of adding a neat feature into your kitchen counters.


A major change in the kitchen walls will literally make this room look different and new. An affordable way to accomplish this goal is to paint the walls. Not only will your kitchen look new, it will look clean too. Painting your kitchen from a dark color to a light color will really make the change stand out. We actually paint our kitchen once or twice a year to maintain its beauty; and the costs are really minimal especially when we make it a family activity.

If you’re too busy to paint the walls or if it’s not yet in your budget, you can use wall decors to hide minor imperfections. Wall decors can include framed arts and paintings.


Consider yourself lucky if your kitchen has windows. Simply changing your window curtains can give the room a new ambiance. You can also open the windows when the weather is good so that fresh air can circulate in the room.

Our kitchen window overlooks the garden, so we keep it open most of the time. It allows us to look outside the beautiful nature and smell the fragrance of flowers too.


A spacious kitchen definitely looks better than a cluttered one. So get rid of those unnecessary items in your kitchen, especially devices that are no longer working.

If you want to make your countertop look neat and spacious, consider having built-in stoves installed. These look better than countertop stoves and the illusion of space will be heightened too.

We have long gotten rid of our old model stovetops and replaced these with built-in induction cooktops. Our counters now look cleaner and modernized and we’re saving on energy too.

Lighting Fixtures

Adding lighting fixtures is an inexpensive way of transforming a room from “blah” to “wow.” You can add hanging lights, colored lights, lights with dimmer switch, etc.

We have a friend who always changes the lighting fixtures in their kitchen. And every time we visit them and see the changes, we are always amazed and impressed.


Accessorizing the kitchen is one of the cheapest and most practical ways of giving your kitchen a new look. New kitchen towels and pot holders can make everything else look fresh and interesting. And if you adopt a certain theme for occasions like Christmas, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc, your kitchen will really look updated.

Loving Your Kitchen

As we all know, the kitchen is not just a place to cook food and wash the dishes. It’s a very special part of the house where we can eat snacks and hangout with members of the family.

The kitchen should always be clean, organized and beautiful. It’s a special place for bonding with loved ones.

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