Importance of Humidity Level to Home Health

importance of humidity level to home health

Statistics show that people normally stay indoors 90 percent of the time, particularly inside their homes. If this is the case, we should strive to keep our home environment not only comfortable but healthy too.

A healthy indoor environment would definitely benefit its inhabitants. However, it will also benefit the house itself. Yes, our homes are very much like our bodies. It needs to be properly hydrated so as not to get damaged easily. A properly hydrated home is a healthy home; that’s why it’s important to maintain proper humidity level inside every room all the time.

Humidity Level Too Low? Oh, No!

When the weather is really cold, such as in wintertime, the moisture content in the air becomes insufficient. Our bodies will feel its adverse effects on our health as it can cause nose bleeds, allergies, skin problems and even breathing problems.

Our homes will feel the unusual dryness in the air too. Dust will build up faster and wooden furniture and floors will dry out. This can cause a lot of damages since dried up wood can crack and break easily.

Insufficient moisture in the air can also affect paint. Coatings of paint can easily crack and chip off when the environment is dry.

The Solution – A Humidifier

You need to get a humidifier to fix the moisture problem inside your home during very cold seasons.

If you want, you can have a whole house humidifier installed in your home. It’s a little expensive, but it’s really efficient in the proper regulation of humidity level and very easy to control too. The way it works is that it’s directly installed to the home furnace so that moist air can circulate in the entire home through the duct system.

You also have the option of getting portable humidifiers which can be transferred from room to room. Its main advantage is its portability; but it can be troublesome to move the unit now and again. Since portable humidifiers are very affordable, you can put up a unit in every room in your house.

A humidifier is really an effective method of distributing moist, pleasing, and healthy air inside your home. Aside from keeping the members of your family healthy, your home and belongings will stay healthy as well.

Breathe In Breathe Out – Recommended Humidity Levels Indoors

The recommended humidity levels indoors is anywhere from 35% to 45%. A humidity level of 30% is already too low and too dry; while a humidity level of 50% is considered to be too high and too wet.

An indoor air environment that’s too wet is just as damaging as having a dry atmosphere inside one’s home. It is for this reason why you should make it a point that the right level of moisture is maintained all the time. You know, not too wet, not too dry.

When our family first started using humidifiers (we started with a few portable ones before having a whole house humidifier installed), we made the error of making the environment too wet. Yes, the air wasn’t just moist, it was wet. It was very uncomfortable. We consulted a friend who was already using a humidifier for a while and found out about proper settings and proper humidity levels.

That’s what you should do too – maintain the right humidity level in your home. You can buy a hygrometer (note – it’s very affordable) to check the humidity level if your portable humidifier doesn’t carry one. Most modern humidifiers these days, however, already have this feature included in the control system.

The Problem with High Humidity Level

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling of moving about in a super moist or wet environment, it’s also unhealthy for our homes. Wet air can get trapped in the corners of a room and cause damages. This is particularly true for closed areas like the bathroom, basement and laundry room. Mildew and mold can quickly build up on enclosed moist environments, so you can already imagine the amount of damage it can cause on walls, ceilings and floors.

An overly moist environment is also a breeding ground for bacteria. And we all know how exposure to germs can affect our overall health. Moreover, such an environment is also particularly attractive to insects and pests. So you might find your home infested with cockroach and termites too.

Healthy and Properly Moist Air – It’s Good for Our Homes and Our Bodies

As you can already tell, it’s really worth it to invest on humidifiers. Dry and humid air can make us feel uncomfortable and sick. Our homes will also easily deteriorate without proper moisture balance in the atmosphere.

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