Kitchen Storage Solutions That Are Smart and Pretty

kitchen storage solutions that are smart and pretty

A lot of things are needed in the kitchen – and it’s the reason why this part of the house can be a bit messy. No, we don’t want a messy kitchen, right? We want it to be a pleasant place – functional and neatly organized all the time. And that’s possible without the need to renovate the whole kitchen.

Organize Your Vegetables


It’s practical to stock up on vegetables that don’t easily perish so that these will always be within reach when preparing food. However, having these veggies on plain sight may not be so pretty. It’s different with fruits because these are more pleasing to the eyes. But for such produce as onions, potatoes and other root crops, well, these are not really for display.

The solution to this dilemma is to hide them away – hide them away from plain sight but in a way that these are still within easy reach. In the image above, the drawers on the work area are used as storage for vegetables and even breads. Yes, a drawer type storage can also serve as a pantry type cabinet to hold other types of food supplies like cookies, spreads, and the like. You can use baskets or trays to separate the items.

Install Multi-Purpose Shelves


Having shelves always keeps things more organized. In the image above, a storage nook is installed near the cooking stove/ oven. As you can see, the shelf takes very little space and it also looks pretty. It’s the ideal place to put mason jars and condiments that are frequently used in the kitchen.

The Ultimate Solution to a Messy Kitchen

I would have to say that the ultimate solution to a messy kitchen is self discipline. If you train yourself to always put things back to their proper places immediately after use, everything will be in order all the time. So that’s the first thing that you should do and not merely rely on having storage places. Put things back in their storage places and you will always have a well organized and functional kitchen.

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