Old Friends, Old Apartments: Melbourne, Australia

old friends old apartments melbourne australia

I try to work out just about every day of the week… unless I’m too busy trying to stay warm sitting by the fire during the Canadian winter.

I haven’t gotten completely back into the swing of things yet, but staying active was an especially important part of my routine while I lived in Melbourne.

That’s one of the many reasons the nostalgia still hits me hard (I really lived it up in Melbourne!).

I first visited Melbourne years ago and after falling in love with the city I got an apartment there.

I quickly became a local – as much as a digital nomad can be – exploring the city, loving the bit of stability a “normal” daily life brings, and making friends like Sam (the one working out with me in the video).

But after spending a few years there, we decided to move to Canada – two weeks later.

We were thinking about doing it for a while before that, but one day we just decided “let’s do it” and that was that.

We sold the car (a beast of a Jeep Cherokee that was good to us as we ventured through the Outback), most of our stuff, and gave the rest away.

We showed up to Canada with just two bags each (okay, I may have shipped one more).

This was an awesome moment, not only because we made a decision and made it all happen so quickly, but because it showed us just how easy travelling can be (once you get used to it) – anywhere in the world is only 30 hours of flying away.

Now I try not to live too much in the past, but I make an exception for Australia.

I lived there for 10 years, made some amazing friends, and made many amazing trips abroad from there.

While it’s a tonne of fun to live the laptop lifestyle all over the world, I highly recommend spending a while in the places you find you love the most.


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