Painting Safety Tips for DIY Painters

painting safety tips for diy painters

Painting is such a simple (and enjoyable) job that you sometimes want to do it yourself. When my team is renovating a house, this is one of the tasks that I often participate in (LOL).

As simple as painting may seem, however, there are some things that you need to keep in mind to stay safe while performing the work. Safety always comes first, remember that, so keep the tips I have for you below in mind when tackling on a painting job.

Importance of Using Protective Gear

Below are some of the basic safety equipment needed for a painting job:

  • Gloves – Home renovation jobs require protective gear because you will be exposed to different elements and circumstances while doing your work. In painting, gloves are particularly important to lessen the stress on your hands as you paint. Moreover, this protective hand gear will keep your hands safe from chemicals. I also recommend long sleeve shirts when painting because it would be hard to avoid having paint on your arms.
  • Face Mask or Dust Mask – Make sure than your face is well protected when scraping or sanding off old paint. There are microscopic particles that you can inhale (and this can damage your health) – so don’t take this for granted.
  • Goggles – Paint can accidentally go into your eyes and cause irritation. To avoid this, make it a habit to wear a protective eye gear when painting.
  • Shoes – Some people like working barefoot, but I don’t recommend it. I always suggest wearing shoes with good grip because you don’t want to slip especially when you are painting high areas.
Here's the Australian Stud Muffin (my fiance) working on a painting job in one of our renovation projects.

Here’s the Australian Stud Muffin (my fiance) working on a painting job in one of our renovation projects.

Tips to Using Ladders

Ladders are very useful in home renovating jobs such as painting, we all know that. But what people are not aware of are the risks to using a ladder. In order to avoid ladder-related injuries and accidents, follow the tips below.

  • Check on the condition of your ladder before and after using it. Is it stable and strong? Can it safely accommodate your weight? Also, inspect it after using it. If it has been damaged in any way, make sure that it’s repaired first before using it again.
  • Clear your work area. When using a ladder, make sure that there are no electrical wires around. Also, get rid of any unnecessary objects that may be cluttering around your work area as you (and other people) can trip and fall because of these.
  • Make sure that the ladder is not slippery. Check the steps for traces of oil or mud or any slippery substances. That’s why it’s important to inspect a ladder before and after use, so as to make sure that it’s clean and free from slippery substances all the time.
  • Take the necessary precautions in high traffic areas. If you must work and set up a ladder at a high traffic area, make use of signs to warn people that there’s work going on. Make the sign really big and noticeable, ok?
  • Be extra careful when setting up a ladder near doors. If you must set up a ladder near a door, lock it while working on a painting job to avoid accidents. Simply putting a sign on the door is not enough as someone may still accidentally open it and hit the ladder that’s supporting you.
  • Inspect the floor. Only set up a ladder on flat and stable ground. An uneven surface will not fully support a ladder, remember that, and it will be wobbly and unstable as you work. Also, make sure that the floor is not slippery as a simple shift in weight can cause you to fall if the floor is slippery.

Other Important Painting Tips

  • Use a harness – A safety harness can literally save your life. Make the habit of using one when working on high places as you can suddenly have a vertigo attack when you least expect it.
  • Avoid over reaching when using a ladder. Reaching for something while on a ladder can cause you to lose your balance and fall. It’s safer to simply move the ladder when you need to work on high places.
  • Remove access to ladders after working. If you can’t remove a ladder after the day’s work is done, simply block the steps. This is especially important when there are children around as they might be tempted to play on the ladder.

Stay Safe When Painting

Painting is an important part of home renovation. Although it’s simple enough to do, I still encourage all DIY people to take the necessary precautions when doing this job. It’s still a job for professionals, after all, so please take it seriously.

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