Practical Remodeling Tips for the Bedroom

practical remodeling tips for the bedroom

I consider the bedroom as a sacred place, almost like a sanctuary where I can escape from the rest of the world and just be myself.

I am sure that a lot of you feel the same way. Whether we are sharing a room with a family member or occupy it all by ourselves, it still has a degree of privacy that’s not found anywhere else in the house.

The Bedroom is a Special Place

Because the bedroom is your personal space, it should have a comfortable, pleasant, and relaxing atmosphere. Decorating it in a way that suits your personal taste will also make the room more special.

No, I really don’t think that the bedroom is just for sleeping. As a personal and private place, you can utilize this room for just about anything you want. Of course, that will depend on the size of the bedroom and the things that are available for use.

Remodeling, Fixing, Designing Your Bedroom

Obviously, the most important thing in a bedroom is a bed. Sleeping is the main purpose of a bedroom, after all. However, setting up practical things in the bedroom will make it more functional. It can therefore become a multi-purpose room.

Practicality includes the wise usage of space and careful planning of furniture and fixtures that go into your room. As clutter can make a room look messy and out of sync, storage places are very important. Have a place for everything and your bedroom will really work well for you.

Choosing Bedroom Decors

I like decorating the bedroom and designing it in different ways. My team once renovated a friend’s house. They have 3 bedrooms – the master bedroom, a nursery room/ playroom, and a room shared by 2 of their kids.

The nursery room (which doubles as playroom) always gets the most makeovers because it’s just small and we just love decorating it in the latest craze. The last time we worked on it was when the animated movie “Frozen” was a big hit; so we decorated it with snow and used Frozen characters to adorn it.

The kids loved it! In fact, they loved it so much that they refuse to have a new theme even if Frozen is no longer the latest craze. So we’re letting the Frozen design stay for a while longer. Hey, if it makes the kids happy then that’s fine. But we are already excited to decorate it with something new as soon as a new blockbuster animated movie comes around.

For now, I want to share with you some practical remodeling tips that you can perform in your own bedrooms. Believe me, these tasks are enjoyable and your family will surely love the results.

Paint it!

Nothing can change the look of a room more drastically than a new coat of paint. This is also one of the cheapest ways of remodeling a room.

When choosing the color of paint, consider what you want the room to invoke. If it’s a kid’s room, using your child’s favorite color will set the tone for everything including the mood and personality of the room.

Typically, little girls love pink and little boys like blue. You can then accessorize the room with different shades of the chosen color or make use of decors that blend well with the surroundings.

Give the Bedroom Closet a Makeover

A closet makeover is a part of bedroom remodeling because reducing clutter inside the room will give you more space. By adding shelves, racks, and hooks inside the closet, it will be able to hold and accommodate more things in an organized manner.

You can also utilize storage boxes so that you can group similar things together. Just make sure that you label the boxes so that you always know where everything is.

Install Windows

If your bedroom doesn’t have a window yet, consider installing one when you remodel the room. A room with a window has a different look and feel because it gives you the option to look outside and appreciate the beauty of nature without actually going outdoors.

Windows also provide rooms with a source of natural light, so you can also save on electricity. Moreover, there’s nothing like waking up to sunrise; so if you can install a window on the East side of your house, you can wake up when the sun starts to shine everyday.

Keep in mind, however, that there are different types of windows. Make sure that you install the type of window that can keep the temperature inside the room comfortable at different times of the year.

Add Lighting Fixtures

Adding lighting fixtures is another inexpensive way to change a room’s look. There are different models and styles to choose from that will complement the color and theme of a particular bedroom.

If you like reading books, having a reading lamp by the bedside is very practical. If you have a reading corner, the lamp can also be placed there. Putting up lamps is also a great way to decorate a room so you can really set up more than one lamp in the bedroom if space allows it.

Setting up a dimmer switch for the main light is also recommendable as bright light is not always needed in the bedroom. The option to use dim lights can provide the room with a romantic and relaxing appeal.

Designing and Redesigning the Bedroom Layout

When remodeling the bedroom, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to tear down walls, buy new stuff, and spend money for the project. In our house, we regularly redecorate and redesign rooms without spending anything. Yep, zero expense because all you really need is some creativity to bring in a new twist to a particular room.

Here’s a tip – just move things around in your room and it will immediately have a new and different look. Try it – just rearrange your already existing things (bed, furniture, cabinets, decors) and you will be able to accommodate more ideas for your bedroom.

If you want, you can even arrange things in a manner that will give you ample space for exercising. You can perform yoga, aerobic dancing, and more in the privacy of your own bedroom by simply designating a corner for these activities.

Taking down wall decors and switching paintings in different rooms of your house will also provide you with a new and fresh look. Yes, placing decorative items in a new place will even make the object seem like new again.

Accessorize the Floor

Changing the look of your bedroom floor will have the same effect as painting the room in a different color. However, it is actually easier to work on the floor because you don’t necessarily have to install new flooring to achieve a fresh, new look.

You can use a carpet or several pieces of rugs and your floor will immediately look different. You can even employ different themes throughout the year to give your bedroom a new style every season.

In our house, we have rugs with different themes. We particularly love the Holiday themed rugs as it makes the season seem brighter when we use those that have Snowman, snowflakes and angel designs.

Add or Build New Furniture and Storage Places

Remember, the secret to having a well organized room is to keep it mess-free all the time. So if you really have a lot of stuff, it would be practical to put up additional storage places like cabinets and closets.

Adding small pieces of furniture like a study table or a coffee table will also make the room more functional and inviting.

Enjoying Time in Your Bedroom

So there you have it. Those practical remodeling tips for the bedroom will surely keep you busy for a while.

If you have the budget for it, you can go all out and buy new furniture and decorations for your bedroom. And if you are low on budget, you can simply rearrange the already existing items in your room to give the bedroom a fresh new look.

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