Rainy Season Costa Rica- What you NEED to know!

I was most recently in Montezuma, Costa Rica and let me tell you it was beyond what I expected.
It was ultra beautiful and picturesque and I really can’t wait to visit again! The greenery that could be seen everywhere was so rich and lush due mostly in part to the rainy season.

Most people would be disappointed to experience rain on their vacation, but definitely do not discount the rainy season in Costa Rica. It adds to the beauty, with the warm climate combined with rainfall creating a refreshing and calming atmosphere all around.

I really enjoyed the rain and not only hearing it while I slept, but going out and about doing activities made everything just so fun! Imagine heading to the waterfalls, during a rainstorm, amazing right? Or renting an ATV/ four wheel drive, and travelling around through rugged terrain?
I left here filled with smiles and good times!

With adventure travel on the rise, look no further than a Costa Rica vacation. From beaches to jungles this place has it all! A Great country, with especially friendly warm welcoming people.

Here is an informative video I made for you in case you were wondering what the plus side is to going to Costa Rica in the rainy season

The rainy season in Costa Rica is from May to November so pack a rain jacket but you can still wear shorts because it is very hot.

The Rain forest will be at its greenest peak and it is stunning!!!
See for yourself, create some amazing memories and be sure to share them with me! 🙂

Lots of Love <3 Anna

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