Refrigerator Makeover Before and After

refrigerator makeover before and after

What would life be if we didn’t have refrigerators in our kitchens? Thank goodness refrigerators now come in all shapes, sizes and colors to suit our individual tastes. But what if you want your fridge to be really REALLY different? Well, you can give it a makeover!

Use Art


If you are a creative soul, you can express yourself by designing the refrigerator in your kitchen yourself. Just look at the image above. The one on the left is the before photo – while it looks good, it’s a bit boring. Now look at the image at the right, it looks really cool, right? What a way to transform an ordinary looking fridge into something extraordinary!

Wooden Fridge


If your kitchen has a wood motif, you might want to have a wooden refrigerator too, right? But is that possible? Yes, it is – you can transform your metal fridge into something that looks like wood by installing contact plastic with a wood design on its surfaces. This is really easy because all you have to do is apply the plastic film on the surface (it’s like a sticker). You can choose from a wide range of designs to put on your ref, actually, not just the wood design.

Chalkboard the Fridge


Having a chalkboard fridge is not only unique but useful and fun as well. You see, instead of posting notes and using magnets, you can simply write on the surface of the blackboard instead. I’m sure kids will love it too. Oh, and it’s really easy to do as you can simply spray chalkboard paint on the surface of the fridge to accomplish this task.

More Chalkboard Ideas


Here’s another idea if you are keen on transforming your refrigerator into a chalkboard. As you can see, you can now use your refrigerator to write menus and recipes. And yes – it’s great for listing groceries too.

No More Boring Fridge

Refrigerators are long lasting – sometimes too long (LOL). If you’re getting board with how your fridge looks like but still find it useful, you can transform its looks instead. Yeah, giving new look to your ref is like giving it new life. You can now update your fridge every time you update your kitchen.

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