The Great Debate on Bathroom Renovation – Should You Remove the Bathtub to Create a Stand-Alone Shower?

the great debate on bathroom renovation-should you remove the bathtub to create a stand alone shower

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom so that you can replace the bathtub with a stand-alone or walk-in shower? Well, if it’s your house, you can practically do anything you want as far as remodeling is concerned.

If you’re having second thoughts about it, however, it would be wise to weigh the pros and cons of having a bathtub and compare these with the pros and cons of having a stand-alone shower.

Another thing that you should consider and look into would be the laws in your particular area. There are state and building codes that require residential homes to have a bathtub; and if this is the case, you should keep at least one bathtub if you have more than 1 bathroom in your house.

On This Corner – The Bathtub

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a bathtub.

If you have kids, you will find that it’s easier to give them baths when you have a bathtub. Those with dogs often use the bathtub for their canine companions too.

In reality, bathtubs can function as a shower too. But compared to a walk-in shower, the space can be a little limiting.

Because of its design, it can be a quite difficult to get in and out of a bathtub. This can prove to be a problem for people with disabilities and old people too.

As for cleaning and maintaining a bathtub, yes, it can be quite a hassle. But note that you need to clean and maintain a stand-alone shower too.

Because a lot of people have kids, houses with bathtubs are more in demand than those that only have showers. This factor can also affect the selling price of a house, if you intend to sell it at a later time.

On That Corner – The Stand-Alone Shower

Walk-in showers are considered to be more practical than bathtubs, especially for grown up kids and adults. As the term suggests, you simply need to walk into the shower without lifting your legs, as you would on a bathtub. Walking in and walking out of a shower is definitely easier than getting in and getting out of a bathtub.

Stand-alone showers can also be designed in stylish ways so as to improve the overall appearance of the house. You can use glass doors and add fancy fixtures to really spruce up the bathroom.

There are really no disadvantages to having a shower, as you can see. But if you love bathing and soaking in the tub, then you probably can’t live without a bathtub.

Which One is the Winner?

It is really up to the homeowners whether they prefer a bathtub or a shower. If you have 2 or more bathrooms in the house, it would be good to retain at least one bathtub to accommodate the needs of those who love to bathe in the family.

If all the members of the family prefer a stand-alone shower, then getting rid of the bathtub becomes a practical choice.

What about the selling price of the house? Well, if you intend to stay in your present house for a long time, you can deal with the issue of reselling your house later on. Know for a fact, too, that it won’t cost you that much to have a bathtub put in to replace a stand-alone shower.

Is it a Go?

If you have made up your mind to remove the bathtub to replace it with a walk-in shower, make sure that you research on it first. Aside from getting ideas on how you want your remodeled bathroom to look like, you should also consider other factors.

The space in your present bathroom is one of the main factors that you should look into. Measure the space that the stand-alone shower will occupy and plan on its design.

Check on the location of your toilet and make sure that there’s ample space around it. If your bathroom space is a bit small to accommodate swinging glass doors, consider installing sliding doors instead. You can also install a shower without doors and simply use curtains.

Are there showers without doors and curtains? Actually, there are walk-in showers that are kept open. In order to keep the bathroom floor dry, heated floors can be installed. In this set up, it is also more practical to have a fixed showerhead than a handheld shower.

Go for It!

Just follow your heart and mind when making the decision between a bathtub and a shower. And chances are, you’ll make the right choice.

In our house, we have 3 bathrooms. We have renovated 2 bathrooms to replace the bathtubs with walk-in showers. We still have little kids and the tubs are really needed when bathing them. And every once in a while, the adults like soaking in hot bath too. 🙂

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