Solar Panels – Our Hope for the Future

solar panels our hope for the future

You need to install solar panels in your home if you want to utilize the power of the sun as the source of electrical power in running appliances and other electrical devices. Yes, we are very dependent on electricity, and we are paying for electric bills to live normally and conveniently.

However, the sun is actually made of pure energy, and it can be used as a free source for electrical power. The sun’s energy just needs to be converted so that we can use it to power up our home appliances and gadgets.

What can be better than a FREE source of electricity?

Solar panels make it possible to use the sun as a free source of electricity. These have been around for a while now and installing them in your home’s roof can free you up from monthly electrical bills.

Installing solar panels can be quite simple, especially if you are into DIY. But how does it really work? I am pro-environment, so I am really into using natural resources so as to preserve our planet. Read on and I will explain to you the basics of solar panels as I believe you are already convinced of its practicality

The Techy Side of Solar Power

Solar panels are made up of sets of photovoltaic (PV) modules. These are electronically connected by wires and mounted on roofs with supporting structure. While solar panels are comprised of PV modules, the modules are comprised of solar cells.

For optimum results, solar panels they can be installed at an angle that faces the direction of the sun. Some models are even adjustable, so that you can control its position throughout the day.

When you have solar panels installed in your home, these can produce energy and deliver electricity to your entire house. DC rating is used for the output power that each module is capable of producing. Typically, the rating can be anywhere from 100 to 320 watts.

Those are some of the technical stuff that surround solar panels. But as you can see, I simplified the terms so that the whole concept is easy to understand. I know that a lot of us are technically challenged, that’s why I always explain things in simple terms.

Installing Solar Panels

Multiple solar panels are needed to power up an entire home. The more appliances and electrical devices that you’re using everyday, the greater demand there is for electricity.

Setting up solar panels requires an inverter, battery, and solar controller or tracker. All of these are connected by wiring and are necessary to make the whole system work effectively.

Once the set up is complete, you can use the light energy from the sun through the photovoltaic effect that results in the production of electricity. You don’t need to do anything else, but just enjoy free electricity from the sun.

Ahhhhh…. No more monthly electric bills to pay!!!

So, How Does it Work?

In order to make a solar panel work, silicon needs to be incorporated beneath a glass surface so as to produce photovoltaic effect. The glass has to be non-reflective as it needs to be able to absorb power from the sun instead of bounce it back.

The panel needs to collect photons from the sun and convert these into electrical power. Since the whole set up results in the production of DC power, an inverter is needed in order to convert this into AC power.

A Closer Look at Silicon

Although a silicon contains only 4 electrons, it can actually hold a maximum of 8. By combining the 4 electrons with 4 more silicon atoms, the maximum capacity of 8 is reached and the structure becomes stronger and more stable. Pure silicon is therefore produced in this process.

Note, however, that pure silicon is not a very good conductor of electricity. Its purity makes it inefficient in producing negative charge which is needed in creating electrical power. When aiming to create electrical current, silicon with impurities is more needed.

By combining silicon with phosphorus, an element with 5 electrons, negative charge can be achieved and electrical current can be produced. Of course, the whole equation also requires a positive charge, and a silicon can be manipulated to produce positive charge by combining it with an element such as Boron.

Sunlight as a Source of Power – the Early Studies

Different silicon combinations make up solar panels. As the rays of the sun carry photons, these will hit the silicon combinations and disturb the electrons and atoms inside it. Electricity is created when the free electrons from the silicon-phosporous combination is pushed to the outer ring and sucked up by the silicon-boron combination.

The whole process has actually been studied up by Albert Einstein way back in 1905. In one of his studies in physics, he noted the significance of sunlight and its photoelectric effects. He won a Nobel Prize in Physics for this, and rightfully so, because the whole photovoltaic technology is based on this finding.

But even before that, French Physicist Edmund Becquerel already noted the photoelectric effect in writing in 1839. Yes, as early as the 1800s, it was already discovered that electric current can be produced by exposure to sunlight.

I am glad today’s scientists are working on all these findings to find a way to supply the whole world with free electricity in the not so distant future. With all our modern gadgets today, we desperately need a free source of electric power!

Understanding Solar Cells

A solar panel is made up of solar cells. The solar cells carry silicon to work as conductor of electricity. In a solar panel’s design, a specially treated wafer is used to form an electric field – positive electric field on one side and negative electric field on the other side.

So here’s basically how it works. Electrical conductors are attached to both sides of the wafer to form an electrical circuit. The electrons then produce electric current that can be used as electricity.

That is the end result of the whole procedure and you can now use this electricity to power up your home with light and run appliances.

Should You Consider Buying Solar Panels?

I think it’s quite obvious that you are already considering buying solar panels. Right now, it can be quite expensive to invest in these – but it’s a wise investment, nevertheless. If you can afford it, I say go for it, because you can really save a lot of money in the long run.

We are definitely moving forward to a greener world with the introduction of solar power as a source of electricity. If you ask me, I can say we have no choice but to support this technology because we are destroying our world and ourselves by continuing to use fossil fuel as a source of energy.

In fact, I can’t think of any reason why we shouldn’t switch to solar power as soon as possible. Not only will it help save the world, but we can save on money in utility bills as well.

Sure, it’s a little bit expensive to install solar panels in homes, especially if you want to power up your entire household with solar power. But I encourage you to open your mind and look into the different options out there as this can really be a life and money saving device.

If you have mobile homes, RVs, etc. the cost of installing solar panels is not that high because you only need a few solar panels. A lot of off-grid people have already adopted this technology, actually, but that’s for another post. Next time, I’m going to talk about that too. So watch out for that one!

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