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Hi and welcome to Life Will Not Wait!

Anna relaxing after a long month of work

I am Anna and I am pretty relaxed here. I feel relaxed when everything I need to do is done.

The way I see it, life is going to pass you by whether you do stuff you like or not. So you might as well get ahead of life.

With this blog, I aim to help you improve your life by initiating change rather than reacting to events. Take some control over your life and make some decisions. That can be through deciding to renovate your home, organizing your stuff, going travelling or helping you develop into a better person.

I believe renovating and flipping a house is a great way to make a living and it allows you the freedom to go traveling. Work… work… work… then fly away. (or relax somewhere in nature)


I will share with you everything I know about DIY projects that inspire me, traveling and even 15 mins self development. This is all just some quick stuff I do which has helped me and will help you get through the day more productively and with a sense of peace.

By the way, this is for you if you want to start your own blog in 5 minutes.

In this lifestyle blog I write about food, home decor, restoring furniture and crafts. I also share personal stuff like my outfits and blogging tips!

You will also learn from my success and failure stories. Yep, they’re all here. And you’ll see how I go through it all through photos and blog posts.

Come on, don’t let life pass you by… join me and let’s make a difference!

I love “Before and Afters”. After months of messes and organizing I can’t even tell you how happy I am to see how much something can be improved and changed just by giving it some love.

With the help of my Australian Stud Muffin, here are some examples of the stuff we do:

Anna xox

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