The amazing things that you can do in Melbourne, Australia

the amazing things that you can do in melbourne australia

loving life in Melbourne Australia

;If you are living or visiting Melbourne then you are in the best section to find a comprehensive list of nonstop places you would wish to visit and do great things that will bring tons of fun for you. Melbourne is one of the cities that have a great number of attractions both manmade and natural thus giving you an opportunity to enjoy yourself to your satisfaction and get the best experience ever. You will automatically find something to please you in Melbourne because there are a variety of things to make you happy despite of you being a visitor or a Melbourne local. Herein are some of the things to do while in Melbourne.

Dandenong Ranges Melbourne

From Melbourne city, it only takes a one hour drive to these awesome mount Dandenong ranges.; This is a great location where you can spend the whole day on your trip because of its stunning view points as well as beautiful landscapes. There are also attractions such as the view points, sky view, Australian tree, secret garden, forest loop roads and maze among others. This place offers a friendly atmosphere that will enable you relax and enjoy the unique nature.

Graffiti Laneways Melbourne

Melbourne is well known for the awesome wall graffiti art and graffiti lanes across the lane way. You can visit the hosier lane which is located near iconic finders street stations where you can find the most popular and beautiful graffiti lanes. The paintings of graffiti spray are found on rubbish bins, walls, railings and almost anything found within these lane ways. The artwork is done perfectly and this will leave you speechless. These artworks talk about different issues such as people, society and places among others. You might also be lucky to spot artists working on different graffiti art as well as photographers snapping some of the art. This place is amazing and visiting it guarantees you total fun.

Lunar Park Melbourne

For more than 100 years, lunar park has been a place that offers wonderful sensations and entertainment to all who visit the place. You are assured of having a magnificent time here because there are several things to do and see such as the Pharaoh’s Curse, Metropolis, Twin Dragon and also engage in invigorating rides such as the spider among others.


The above are just part of the several places you can consider to visit and spend your time appropriately.;

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