Tips and Strategies to Keeping Your Kitchen Under Sink Clutter Free and Beautiful

tips and strategies to keeping your kitchen under sink clutter free and beautiful

A monster is probably living under the kitchen sink, don’t you think? Why else would it be dreary and dark and gloomy most of the time?

Hey, I’m only kidding, of course – it’s just my imagination running wild again (LOL). However, for a lot of people, a monster can indeed be living under there because of all the chaos. So if you want your under sink to be monster-free, make sure that it’s always clean and tidy.

I know, I know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But actually, it is – I have a few tricks up my sleeve so read on.

Taming the Under Sink Cabinet


You can’t expect your under sink cabinet to stay in order if you just throw everything in there without a storage system. You can just imagine the trouble of trying to find something down there and then having to put everything back again.

So, instead of just using the floor area of this tiny space, use the walls and doors too. In the image above, you can see how installing simple slips on the door can hold certain objects. Use this technique for your most used objects in the kitchen and these will be easier to access and store back again.

Installing an Organization System


Look at the image above. It doesn’t look like something a monster would like to hide in, right? Well, unless it’s a really cute monster, that is (LOL).

If you notice, it’s not a dark and dreary under sink cabinet. Yes, you can see the pipe leading to the sink but the whole setup is neat and clean. Painting it up will help, of course, so just keep the paint updated when it’s starting to look dirty down there.

And did you see how you can use storage systems to accommodate a lot of things under the sink? You can use the sides to install racks and keep things organized and in plain sight. You can also use stackable bins to hold other must-have stuff in the kitchen (cleaning aids, toxic substances, etc.)

Don’t Talk Dirty to Your Under Sink Cabinets

With a little discipline and organizational techniques, your under sink cabinets don’t have to be dark and disorganized all the time. You want your kitchen to be neat and tidy all the time and you want the same scenario under the sinks. So don’t just hide things under there, but use it as a functional space to keep some of your kitchen stuff.

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