Top 10 Luxury Home Ideas

top 10 luxury home ideas

One of the benefits of luxury living is that you get to go through life in an extravagant and pampered manner. Really, if you can afford to feel like royalty every day of your life, you’d take advantage of the opportunity. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are different ways of spoiling and lavishing on yourself. You can live a luxurious life by traveling the whole world and staying at 5 star hotels, for example. Or you can go to different places and spend your time on the best beaches in the world.

If you’re the type who simply want to stay at one place most of the time, I would suggest investing in real estate and living in your dream house. Well, having your own house (your own nest) is surely one of your priorities in life, so I want to focus on that in this particular post.

Below, I have listed 10 luxury home ideas that you’d surely want to consider when planning for your house. Since you’ll be living in your house, feel free to design and decorate it in any way you want. These are just suggestions and tips from someone who has experience in living in and building luxury homes.

#1 Have a Grand Main Entrance

This is one of the main features of a luxury home – a magnificent entryway. To achieve this, think of space – lots of it.

When you enter the main door of your house, the place should have an airy, open feel. You know, it shouldn’t feel crowded and small.

#2 Install the Best Automation System

Having the latest technology in your home is a must for luxury living. This is especially true today because we are in the digital age – technology has become a part of our lives and it makes our lives a whole lot easier.

You want to have that feeling of technology at home – and this is made possible by having automation devices installed. Now you can even use your iPhone to access the control systems in your home, did you know that? Yeah, and this can be done from anywhere in the world – so you can be a traveler and still control the automated system installed in your house. I’m talking about security systems, lights, temperature control and more. Cool, huh?

#3 Have Special Rooms for Special Activities

While it’s common to have an entertainment room even for regular houses, it’s another must for a luxury home. Being entertained and having access to everything you want is a part of spoiling yourself, after all – and again, that’s part of luxury living.

Aside from having a theatre room and game room, you might want to consider having indoor pool, indoor bar room and even indoor basketball court. Yes, you can have all those things and more built into your house – just think of your favorite activities and have a special room built for all the things you love.

#4 Prepare Food in a Majestic Kitchen

Often referred to as the heart of a home, make sure that you have a kitchen that has it all. For designing ideas involving a luxurious kitchen, think of a commercial grade kitchen. This time, focus on the furniture, appliances and gadgets that are needed in the kitchen.

Now, this takes a lot of planning because you would want to stick with a certain motif for your kitchen design. Fortunately, all kitchen appliances and accessories these days are available in different themes and colors.

So, to put it plainly, you just got to have it all – refrigerator, oven, stove, cookware, coffee maker, etc. etc. A large walk-in pantry can also be installed so you can have your own grocery store at home.

#5 Create a 5-Star Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place for some “me time.” So if you want to really pamper yourself, you can create your own spa right in your own home.

Having a large walk-in shower and shower jets installed will give you a first class hotel experience right at home. The bathroom will also be cozier with radiant floor heating installed. And of course, a really large bathtub will complete your spa bathroom ambiance.

Some Bonus Ideas on Video

Watch the video below to get more ideas on how to design your luxury home. The featured designing ideas will help you create and customize your dream home – your own paradise on earth. You will see interior designs for the entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and more.

#6 Have Magnificent Bedrooms

Think of a luxurious bedroom as a tiny house within your home. First of all, the rooms can have different themes for each member of the household, so it’s really quite fun to design these rooms.

As the main furniture in the bedroom, the bed should be as large and majestic as possible – you know, a place where you can toss and turn to your heart’s content.

Also, have sofas, tables and chairs for just hanging out while inside the room. You can even have an area for eating.

#7 Have a Dressing Room Fit for Superstars

Don’t just go for cabinets and walk-in closets if you’re into luxury living. Treat yourself like a celebrity and have a large dressing room to store your clothes and other accessories.

Make this room an extension of your bedroom – sort of like a really REALLY large cabinet. Since you have a lot of things, you need a really big storage space that has a lot of shelves and racks.

Remember, this is your dressing room – so make sure that it has ample lighting to help you choose your outfit for the day. And of course, a really big mirror (life size) will complete the setup.

#8 Have Your Own Home Gym

Ok, I already mentioned different types of rooms in your luxurious abode, but I want to talk about an exercise room separately. A home gym is another essential part of a luxury home because you would want to exercise luxuriously.

I know that exercising can be a daunting task for some people, so having its own special place in your home will somehow make it less troublesome. For one, you don’t have to bother yourself about going to the gym and sharing weights and fitness equipment with other people. Having the privacy to really sweat it out is also a privilege to be enjoyed.

Needless to say, space is a major component for an exercise room. Yes, you want it to be roomy for practical and aesthetic reasons. You also want it to be complete with all the exercise machines and accessories you need. So if you’re into running, have a treadmill. Or if you’re into biking, have an exercise bike. These days, there’s a wide variety of fitness machines to choose from.

You can even invite friends to exercise with you – that’s why having a wide variety of exercise equipment can really be practical. You can even have a sauna area to help you relax after working out (I love this).

Oh, and don’t forget the entertainment part of keeping in shape. It really helps to keep yourself entertained when doing some forms of exercise (such as when using the treadmill or exercise bike). So installing an entertainment system with TV, speakers and other remote controlled devices can be a part of your plan.

#9 Have an Outdoor Living Area

You can have a whole new world outside your home by having an outdoor living area. For one, it’s great to entertain guests outdoors where there’s fresh air. Since you want this to be a suitable place for relaxation, having a lot of seating areas is required. Think of a large outdoor living room – have chairs and tables and other types of furniture that are especially made for outdoors.

Since the outdoor is also an ideal area for cooking (especially barbeque) it should also have a cooking area. Think barbecue parties – so have a BBQ grill, storage system for drinks, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances for outdoors.

#10 Build a Luxurious Garden

Still in the concept of making your outdoor area really beautiful, I want to focus on having a luxurious garden design. The garden is a multifunctional area, so it can be used for relaxation purposes and for public enjoyment as well (yes, garden parties can be a lot of fun!)

The garden is also a great place to satisfy the senses and simply enjoy nature – that’s why trees and flowers are always included in landscaping designs. So again, this requires a large open space so it can hold all the furniture, structures and special features you want to include in the setup.

For this, you can have multiple levels of gardens with different themes. So you can have a main garden, for example, and sub gardens can be built around it. As for the design, you can have bridges, waterfalls and even a playground.

More Ideas on Video

See the video below for ideas on luxury outdoor living and garden landscaping. It’s just a short video, but you will find ideas for both small spaces and big spaces. Keep in mind that careful planning is needed when creating an outdoor environment for your home. If you’re using several areas outdoor, you would want to create harmony so that the overall ambiance will be aesthetically pleasing. But then, the usability of each area is also important so as to make sure that your outdoor space is fully functional. Awkward transitions should also be avoided – so there should be a smooth flow of elements while keeping the whole garden visually exciting.

Enjoy Your Life in a Luxurious Home

When creating and designing your luxury home, think of it as your very own paradise here on earth. It should have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Take advantage of the advancement in technology and modern amenities that are available today so that you can live a very comfortable and satisfying life when you’re at home. You are a superstar, after all (well, we all are) – so you deserve to live lavishly, generously and happily.

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