Top 3 Kitchen Designs That Will Make You Want to Renovate Your Kitchen

top 3 kitchen designs that will make you want to renovate your kitchen

You have a lot of options when renovating and remodeling your kitchen – so try not to worry so much about your budget. Read on and I will show you ways to bring new life to your kitchen. Some of these kitchen design tips are simple and some are not so simple. In any case, you will get new ideas on designing or redesigning the most important room in your house.

Use Open Shelves Sparingly


This is a great tip in designing kitchens – use open shelves sparingly! You see, no matter how much you keep things organized on the shelves, the overall ambiance will still be one of clutter. If you have cabinets with doors, however, everything is kept out of sight and the overall feel will be spacious and clean.

Use Contrasting Colors


If your kitchen is located at the center of your house, you might not get enough natural light from the windows. Installing additional lighting will help, but using contrasting colors will also aid in adding the impression of light and space in the room. Look at the image above and notice the light colored cabinets on top and dark colored cabinets (and floor) below. This type of design will add an appearance of space in the room while keeping it grounded.

Create a Unique Looking Kitchen


I am going to have a kitchen like this in the near future – it’s just gorgeous! This is no ordinary kitchen as you can tell, but it’s really easy to put up. So if you want to replicate it, take note of the floor to ceiling tile wall design. Next, look at the color combination. In this particular kitchen, most of the appliances are brass. Now, brass would look great on white backgrounds, but in this case you can see that it also looks good with gray. Since this kitchen uses an open shelf, just try to minimize the chaos by using as few colors as possible.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

I’m sure you drooled over some of the images you just saw here, and let me just tell you that you’re not alone (LOL). So come on, give your kitchen a makeover (or an overhaul) and surprise your family with a brand new look.

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