Top 4 Kitchen Organization Techniques Using Peg Boards

If you haven’t discovered the usefulness of peg boards yet, well, it’s time that you do. A peg board is one of the best organizational tools to date and it’s very affordable too. I actually use this a lot around the house, especially in the kitchen. Now, let me just show you some of the best ways to using peg boards in keeping your kitchen neat, organized and functional as well.

Pull Out Peg Board


Typically, peg boards are installed on walls. However, pull out peg boards also work well and can add style to your kitchen. In the image above, a kitchen cabinet with built-in pull out peg board is used to hang cooking utensils. As you can see, it keeps everything neatly organized and within easy reach. I really think this would look great when combined with pull out shelves that can hold cooking oils and spices.

Additional Storage Space


Using peg boards will allow you to easily and inexpensively increase your storage space in the kitchen. Just look at the image above, the peg board is holding a lot of things and yet everything still looks organized. You can even make patterns on the peg board to make sure that everything goes back to its proper place after use. It’s actually a neat trick when you have a lot of cooks in the family.

A Big Peg Board in a Small Kitchen


Small kitchens have a common problem – cabinets may not be able to hold all your cooking utensils and accessories. What to do, what to do? Well, for one, you can install a peg board!

Peg boards come in different sizes – and as you can see in the above image, it’s quite a large board. But see how it can hold A LOT of things while keeping big and small items neatly organized. It’s the perfect solution to a small but busy kitchen as everything is within easy reach all of the time. And of course, storing the things back after cleaning them is just as easy.

Multi-Purpose Peg Boards for Busy Kitchens


You know what I really like about peg boards? – these things are multi-functional and very useful indeed. In fact, you can even use peg boards for decoration.

If you’re one of those people (one of us) who love their kitchens, you want this special place in your house to be functional and attractive as well. Tada! – use a peg board and transform the look of your kitchen in a jiffy.

In the image above, the peg board is used to hold a lot of things – useful and decorative things. Yeah, look at it closely – it holds kitchen utensils and accessories and even has racks to hold spices. And yes, even small pots of plants are hanging on the peg board.

Another thing I like about having a peg board in the kitchen is that you can change the way it looks by simply rearranging the items hanging on it. The possibilities are almost endless because all you need to do is buy a lot of hooks and move them around as you change the arrangement of objects. There are no rules, ok?

Make Peg Boards a Part of Your Life

These days, I use peg boards in almost all parts of the house, especially in the garage and kitchen. These parts of the house seem to contain a lot of things and organization always seems to be a problem. Well, not anymore.

It’s fun to use peg boards so I really urge you to use them for organizing your kitchen – which is also a fun place to be whether you are a cook or just someone who likes food. Remember, the technique to having an organized and pleasant kitchen is to always have everything neatly in place (and the peg board does that for you).

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