Top 8 Modern Kitchen Designs for Your Home

top 8 modern kitchen designs for your home

So you want a modern kitchen? I can’t blame you, as it’s one of my favorite kitchen designs too. Below, I have gathered some modern kitchen images that I’m sure you’ll love. Consider these ideas when building or remodeling the most special part of your home.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen


The image above is a modern Scandinavian kitchen. As with general styles of modern kitchens, you will notice a lot of space in the room. In order to achieve this look, built-in cabinets and drawers are used as well as built-in appliances. That’s the reason why there’s barely anything on the countertops – as everything is hidden from sight. This look requires organization and discipline, so make sure that you have those qualities when adopting this style in your home.

Red and Silver Modern Kitchen


The combination of red and silver really looks sophisticated as a kitchen motif. In the image above, you will see that only these 2 colors are persistent in the whole kitchen. In line with the tradition of modern kitchens, you will also notice the built-in cabinets, drawers and appliances. Note the minimal furniture in the room too – this adds space to the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

Modern German Kitchen


This modern German kitchen carries an industrial style appeal. Yes, it’s simple, but it’s elegant and sophisticated as well. This is also a very functional kitchen – it has everything you need, just not in plain sight to maintain that airy spacious feel. In reality, this kitchen has a spacious storage space behind those walls, cabinets and drawers. In order to accommodate the busy life in the kitchen, it has a spacious work area for preparing food. And yes, you have all the space you need to move around. The design even includes vertical and horizontal lines to add even more space to the room.

Modern Kitchen with Island and Fireplace


Adding a fireplace in the kitchen is a unique but exciting concept. In the image above, you will see that it’s an open type kitchen – meaning, it extends to other areas of the house. You can make use of this idea if you plan on having an open kitchen. Such style will add elegance to your whole house while always being prepared for the cold months too. I really like this concept because the center island was used in such a unique way. And again, the kitchen is spacious and well organized. As for the colors used in this particular kitchen, the designer and home owner went for neutral colors that are not overwhelming to the eyes.

Modern Kitchen with a Splash of Red


The color red is very prominent in the image above – and it’s beautiful and sophisticated, right? You can adopt this style in your kitchen too if you like the color of red. You can also replace it with other colors.

Since red is the chosen color in this particular kitchen, it is also the color used for accessorizing the place up. Take note of the red colored appliances and take note of the red plates too. Everything looks orderly and organized in the entire room. As can be expected, there are cabinets and shelves to hold everything and keep the countertop and working area free from clutter.

Modern White and Brown Kitchen


Combining the colors white and brown is another great idea for a modern kitchen. White looks clean and airy – which are 2 of the prominent designs of modern kitchens. In the image above, you can see how the color brown was integrated with the white background. Wood was used in the kitchen to bring in the color of brown naturally. Wooden floors are used as well as chairs with wooden parts. The brown color is then distributed to the cabinets and lighting features so as to add life to the room. The only other source of color you’ll find in this kitchen is the color of food – did you notice the fruits on the counter?

Modern Kitchen in Neutral Colors


Modern kitchens are not very colorful – so you can use neutral colors in designing it. If you want to replicate the image above, use 2 to 3 colors like white, black and brown and distribute the colors on the floors, counters and cabinets. You might also want to use the open roof design like the kitchen in the photo – then you’ll see green trees when you’re spending time in the kitchen.

Simple Modern Kitchen


The image above is a very simple kitchen. Although it’s just a small kitchen, it looks airy and spacious, doesn’t it? The trick is to get rid of clutter by hiding them in cabinets and drawers.

As for the color motif, you can use a combination of white, black and brown. You can also include other colors sparingly. This is not a very formal kitchen, so you can see other bright colors are giving life to the room.

You and Your Modern Kitchen

If you want to adopt a modern kitchen, you can do so no matter how big or small your space is. You can see in the above examples that you can have a big kitchen, a small kitchen or an open type kitchen. You can even use your favorite colors to decorate or highlight or customize your modern kitchen. It’s your kitchen after all, so your happiness is what matters the most.

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